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My Colony 0.38.0 Release Notes
Better response on post My Colony 0.38.0 Release NotesAlright everyone, it's time for another edition of My Colony release notes.  A relatively small update this time, but let's take a look anyway at what is new.

My Colony v0.38.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Techs: Advanced Metallurgy, Artificial Intelligence, Antanium Synthesis, Antanium Compounds
  • New Structures: Aluminum Hive, Jewelry Store, Independence Hall, League Trade Authority, Antanium Synthesis Lan, Quantum Distillery, Center for Artificial Learning, Triantanium Refinery
  • New Units: Alumibug
  • New Resource: Triantanium
  • New Ad-Free Content: Yellow House
  • New feature: Diplomacy/Embassies
  • New Embassies: The Shanty, The Functional, The Goldman, The Crystalline, The Sunrise, Exomound, Diplomatic Outpost
  • Added animation to several buildings
  • New colonies with populations of 2 or less will be purged from the server after 3 days
  • Several bug fixes and whatnot

The main two additions in this update are the new concept of Embassies and the new Triantanium late-game resource.

Embassies and Diplomacy are the first step towards official implementation of in-game Federations, and there is still a lot of work to be done, but the initial groundwork has now been laid.  Conceptually, it works similarly to Commonwealths.  If you want to establish an embassy in another colony, you select Diplomacy from your capitol, enter the target colony's charter code, and your diplomatic envoy will be sent to their colony.  They can then build your embassy wherever they wish.  From that point, you conduct diplomacy with the target colony by selecting their embassy, and choosing Diplomacy.  You will get a screen similar to the one when you are dealing with commonwealth colonies, and the same basic options are available.  You can send gifts/resources in the same quantity as you can to commonwealth states, dependent on the size of your capitol building.

Triantanium is a new resource made out of Antanium and Uranium, and can currently only be manufactured by Human colonies (since the Insectoid race does not really have the intellect for such things).  It will be available for GBT trades in the coming days, once a majority of players are using the latest version of the client.  It is a later game material and will be used in large buildings.  

There is also a new AI tech and new research building which uses a ton of robots to generate a ton of research.  This will be necessary, because new human techs going forward are going to require millions of research to unlock.  Robots are also going to start playing an even bigger role going forward, so a new robot factory will probably be needed.

The LIS now has capitol building and GBT access, so they are fairly functional at this point, although there are still more things to be added.  An LIS colony is now fully playable though, in my opinion.  Zolarg have gained access to Aluminum in this update, which will be ushering in a whole new class of techs and buildings going forward.

You may have also notied that colonists now have an IQ stat.  This is laying the groundwork for the education system which will be arriving soon(ish).

The next few updates will see an expansion of the Diplomacy features.  More embassies will be added for each faction, and also new abilities.  Soon, for colonies with immigration open, you will start seeing new colonists of different races showing up to your colony if you have diplomatic alliances with colonies of other races.  For instance, if you are a human colony and have mutual embassies established with a zolarg colony, some of your new colonists might be zolargs.

There will also be the ability, through both commonwealths and through diplomacy, to send colonists between colonies.  I am thinking of adding new 'Stargate' type structures to each faction, allowing the transportation of colonists and vehicles between colonies.  This will allow foreign colonies to become even more closely linked, but will also play a factor into crime when that shows up.  Eventually I think it would be cool, through stargates, if colonists could live in one colony and work in another, but i don't know if that will ever come to pass.  It might be more trouble than its worth.

I am also thinking of adding an element of state sponsored espionage to the game.  Through your embassies, you can order a diplomat to become a 'spy' and steal resources, techs, or even incite disapproval among the colonists.  This would be about as close to VS multiplayer as the game would get.  This would happen after the ability to have Police is added, and police would be able to catch spys.  There would probably be an opt-out of the feature if people didn't want their colony to be targeted.

Anyway, those are my ideas on what is coming next.  Enjoy!
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I really like this update and your ideas for the upcoming releases!

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I really love the ability to visit other colonies and the sunrise embassy. The design is perfect. All around great update. Well done!
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Is there a way for United Earth to store Antanium? It doesn't look like I can take advantage of the new Antanium Synthesis Lab since I can't expand from the storage of 0.
(06-14-2017, 08:35 PM)blackmagikarp Wrote: Is there a way for United Earth to store Antanium? It doesn't look like I can take advantage of the new Antanium Synthesis Lab since I can't expand from the storage of 0.

The steel yard.
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Love this new update! Thank you Bast!
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It makes my day to see a new update to this game Big Grin

excited screeching.
glad i never destroyed any deposits
The Desert Nomads appreciate the sunrise.
Desert Nomads.

New players always welcome. 
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Send a message from the red planet to the zolarg. When you open the message there will be an option to send a gift.
I have consulate level 3 on red planet and Deep space transceiver on another but I cannot find the icon in the consulate needed to gift a colony which is not in my commonwealth
@IITIANS You'll need to build the Deep Space Transceiver, consulate, or capital building. If you are independent on both zolarg and human colonies you can send an embassy.
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