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Android Network Browser Setup Instructions
Network Browser from Ape Apps is quickly becoming the number one network management and media streaming app for Android, but many users are confused as to how to successfully set up a network connection between their computer and their Android device.  The following instructions show how to establish a network link using Network Browser for Android and the Windows operating system.

  1. Install Network Browser - Obviously the first step is that you need to download and install the free Network Browser app onto your Android device.  It is available for both Android and Kindle devices, and you can find download links for your platform at the official Network Browser website:
  2. Enable Sharing on your PC - If you already have a home network up and running then you can skip the next couple of steps.  On some Windows installations, network sharing is disabled by default for security purposes.  To enable it, do the following:
    * Open the Control Panel on your PC and click on Network and Internet.
    * From the Network and Internet screen, click on the Network and Sharing Center option.
    * On the Network and Sharing Center screen, you should see a Change advanced sharing settings option on the right hand side.  Click on it.
    * Scroll down to the Password protected sharing section, and put a check in the Turn on password protected sharing option.
  3. Share a folder - This step is simple.  Once sharing is enabled on your PC, right click on a folder you would like to share and select Properties.  From the properties window, select the Sharing tab and click on the Share button at the top.  In the File Sharing window that opens up, select the users that you would like to share the folder with (choose an account you have access to) and then click on the Share button on the bottom right corner.
  4. Note your IP address - In many cases, Network Browser will automatically find your PC at this point, but if it does not, you may need to enter your IP address.  To find it, open the Command Prompt app on your computer (if you can't find it, try pressing the Windows+R keys and then typing "cmd" in the run window).  From there, type ipconfig and press enter.  You will get a list of information, so try to find your IPv4 address.  It will usually be something like 192.168.0.x.
  5. Set up Network Browser - Once your PC is set up, open the Network Browser app on your device.  If your computer is automatically found, then horray!  If not, select the "New Connection" option on the main screen.
  6. Fill out your network settings - On the new connection screen, enter your server IP address along with your username and password.  In the Server Nickname field, you can put anything you want that will help you identify the connection.  Domain will normally be blank.
  7. Enjoy - Network Browser setup is complete at this point.  Have fun!

Need additional help?  If you are having issues getting up and running, this thread is the place to be.  Post your questions here and either I or someone else in the community will be glad to assist!

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