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Server Admins
With the increased internet connectivity happening in the online-mode of My Colony, we have all been seeing in increase in ways to abuse the system.  Of particular concern is when it comes to inappropriate colony names, or sending inappropriate private messages.   Normally I wouldn't even care, but seeing as My Colony is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, these kinds of things would be grounds for having the app removed from the markets.  

I had thought of implementing an automated bot that would check for things, but it would really work better if there were one (or two maybe) moderators who had the ability to view reported messages, send warnings to players, and if needed, ban a colony that was not playing by the rules.

Keep in mind this would mainly be intended to insure app store compliance, I am not looking for anybody to regulate the GBT or otherwise normal commonwealth interactions.  

In my mind, the whole system would work in-game.  A colony could be placed into "admin" mode and there would be a new admin panel in the game to take care of things.  Colonies in admin mode would require password authentication with the server as well.  

Anyway, just wondering what the thoughts were on this, or if its even needed?
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I like the idea. I think it would be handled better with one or more people rather than a bot. I volunteer my services, of course!
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I agree that no system is perfect, and people will always find ways to abuse mechanics to do unintentional things. That's why nearly every game created today has a patching system where these bugs are fixed, but it never ends and the cycle repeats.

Mods help to curb the issue by upholding a standard and providing punishment for players who do things even the developers haven't accounted for. It's a necessary system for online and interactive games that get large enough to start seeing this type of abuse.

Developing a self-automating system would be amazing, but it's very impractical from a design perspective. I'd love to give that a whack someday just for the concept's sake.
I think its good for the reasons you've stated yourself. Not to control the way the game is played, just to keep it clean and non offensive.
I would be happy to help out.
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I would implement it like this:
If a message is received, there is a "Report" button. These messages are stored on the server in a database queue for review. Colony name, date/time and message text.
All admins get notified about it and once one of them opens the message panel for that, the message gets assigned to this admin. That would prevent more than one admin of working on that report.
The admin can now read the message and write a text to the sender to go into a conversation with him. He also sees any preceding conversation, if there are any.
After working on that request (completed or aborted) the lock get's removed and can either be assigned to another admin or marked as completed.
An admin can then issue a ban request if necessary. You can harden that, by letting other admins to acknowledge that request. (like 3 in count) Of course they should be able to see the whole conversation, before acknowledging.

The messages received from admins should be displayed more prominent with the option to immediately write him back.

Of course, I would be here to help as well.
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I agree it needs addressing and i will also put myself forward if needed ...

To get full coverage you would need a couple of admin from each time zone spread out equally globe wise, so there is someone about all the time ,either that or have some kind of report function/button on each colony where a person can leave a message i'd make sure its got a 10 or more character limit it will put bots off, possibly even add google captchya.
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I thought interdependence was coin and not civics so i did the same thing.
lots and lots of clicking so much so usaly by independence i had over 250 k in coins
accutly i did make payroll and taxes selling water at a 1 per 100 back when all there was the massdirver
seems like normally theres quite a few people trying to buy stuff like aluminum and harder to get stuff
If this game mirrors reality then there are definately aliens out there pillaging planets for resources and abandoning them.
Youll never make payroll if your trying to sell water or foor at $1 per
I made a few fortunes on sugar, ant paste, and antium in the last 7 days.
@BWILSON13087 Most people have plenty of what they need. Until new content is released.
@Blackwolf It's not a very active time for the forum right now.
so does nobody wanna buy anything in the GBT anymore?
Still nothing sad day
@HushHush Yep. I get a lot of them too.
Yea i can do that
Did that all last night hahah
@Blackwolf You can post in the My Colony General Discussion sub forum that you're looking for a commonwealth and see who answers.
Well i started my own lil colony and up to almost 600 pop
Must be a lot f them given the frequency