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suggestion index guidelines and

Suggestion Index and Guidelines
My Colony Game Content Suggestion List

Current Release Version to all Platforms:   v0.36.0  Changelog

This is a listing of player suggested content.  To have your suggestion listed here, please refer to the guidelines for making a game suggestion located here.  Having a suggestion on this list does not guarantee that your idea will be included in the game.

Below are some common previously suggested ideas.  Please do not suggest these unless you are providing details according to the My Colony Game Content Suggestion Guidelines.
  • Leaderboards
  • PvP (Player vs Player) *This idea has been rejected by the game's creator.
  • Move buildings, sell/destroy all buildings of a type
  • Colonist transportation/teleportation
  • Bot upgrades.  

Player Suggested Content

*  Ideas from the previous Suggestion Index have not been carried over.  For those of you who had a suggestion on the previous index, you may resubmit your idea by updating the original thread according to the new My Colony Game Content Suggestion Guidelines.  Suggestions on this Index will removed after 30 days to prevent the list from growing too long as with the previous Index.

Commonwealth Welcome Message  (Expires 6/6/2017)
In-game Chat Function  (Expires 6/6/2017)
Super Bot  (Expires 6/6/2017)
Light Duty  (Expires 6/6/2017)
Religion  (Expires 6/7/2017)
New Planet Types  (Expires 6/7/2017)
Decorations  (Partially added to the game)  (Expires 6/9/2017)
Water Fountain  (Added to Game) (Expires 6/13/207)
Tier 2 Production with Regolith  (Expires 6/15/2017)
Asteroid World / Game Mechanics  (Expires 6/15/2017)
Mansion  (Expires 6/15/2017)
Vertical Farming (Added to Game) (Expires 6/16/2017)
Advanced Alloy (Expires 6/16/2017)
Brave New World (Expires 6/16/2017)
Airport (Expires 6/17/2017)
Join a Commonwealth After Independence (Expires 6/19/2017)
Advanced Antanium Smelter (Expires 6/19/2017)
Total Inflow/Outflow on Resources (Expires 6/21/2017)
Water Recycling (Expires 6/22/2017)
Bot Parking Structure (Expires 6/22/2017)
Background Music (Expires 6/23/2017)
Copper/Electronics (Expires 6/24/2017)
Fast Food Restaurant (Expires 6/25/2017)
Policies (Expires 6/25/2017)
My Colony Game Content Suggestion Guidelines

1.  Check the Suggestion Index above to see if your idea has been previously suggested.  If you don't see it on the list, do a search of the forums.  We have had a lot of suggestions given since the beginning of the game.  Some commonly suggested ideas for the game:  Leaderboards, move buildings, sell all/destroy all type of a building, colonist transportation/teleportation, bot upgrades.  If you have not played through to the current final stages of the game, please do so before making a suggestion.  

2.  Include as much detail as possible in your suggestion.  Providing more detail increases the chance that your suggestion will make it into the game.  The less work the developer has to do the better.

Here is an example of a well thought out suggestion that was included in the game:  Regolith Extraction Inc.  In this example a picture has been provided along with all the details associated with the building.

To include a picture with your post please refer to this thread:  Artist Suggestions/Submissions

If you are suggesting a change or addition to a game mechanic, such as statistics gathering, graphs, colonist behavior, etc, include a detailed explanation of how and why this idea needs to be implemented or added to the game.

3.  Create a new thread in the "Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback" sub-forum for your idea.  Add a simple "Yes" or "No" poll to your thread so that players can vote on it.  Polls should be set to expire in 7 days. Suggestions that get at least 5 "Yes" votes and fewer "No" than "Yes" votes will be added to the Suggestion Index.  Having an idea listed on the Suggestion Index does not guarantee it will be added to the game. Once voting is closed for your idea it will be either tagged as [Added to Suggestion Index] indicating you had enough "Yes" votes, or [Voting Closed] indicating it failed to receive 5 "Yes" or a majority of "Yes" votes.

4.  Be prepared to explain your idea to others.  You may receive questions and comments on your suggestion.

5.  Finally, suggestion posts may be removed from the forum at the discretion of forum staff.  If your thread is removed, you will be notified via private message as to why.

FAQ  -  Suggestion Index

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even taly tehy all get repeative
who every desines a game taht is in no way repetive will make a trillion dollars
so now i have it so waht ? lol
no short cuts at all
egads 20 million al lol and that colony is the one i finly set up compleatly correctly
but I lurk here and help out noobs when i can
when its updated with new stuff i play for a week or so
well even i jsut play between updates
raelly its not harder just more wating
its been 2 /3 weeks since we spoke
whats teh point in making it teadus ?
i played a bit, just not much
persoinaly i never liked forest worl and the new ones even worse
lol when it gets to be work its time for a new job lol
anyway no matter its not ment to be work
and if your not why still posting on the fed?
just how long you not played ?