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My Colony 0.14.0/1/2 Release Notes
Well I posted My Colony v0.14.0 last night, but due to bugs, it has since been patched (patched twice on the desktop version), so now depending on what platform you are on, you are either using 0.14.0 ,0.14.1, or 0.14.2!  So even though there are three different version numbers out there right now, they are all equally up to date at this point (the iOS version will be live upon Apple's approval).  So, what has changed?  Let's take a look!

My Colony v0.14.x Changelog

New Stuff:
  • New Structures: Lumber Mill, Wall, Tree Farm, Single Family Home, Large Water Tower, Uranium Enrichment Facility, Large Residential Complex, Capitol, Subterranean Food Storage
  • New Vehicles: Lumberbot, Megabot
  • New Techs: Large Scale Construction, Self Governance
  • You can now declare independence!
  • Game now remembers your start date and independence dates (start date is only correct on new colonies)
  • Reduced the frequency of Earth Tax collections
  • You can now turn the (+) (-) zoom buttons back on if you wish, from the engine settings menu
Besides for these changes, there were several bug fixes based on reports and game files sent to me by the community, so keep sending your bugged out game files to so I can get them fixed.

Coming Next:
  • Colonial Charters - After you declare independence, you will be able to issue colonial charters to form new colonies, under your rule.  Your new chartered colonies can either be played by you, or send to friends who can start their own colony under your rule!  Colonies started under a colonial charter will pay taxes to you instead of the Earth Tax!
  • Commonwealth Market - Sort of like the current Mass Driver import/export, now when you charter new colonies (or are a member of another colonies charter), all related colonies will be able to participate in a Commonwealth Market, or shared resource exchange.  I don't know exactly how it will work yet, but it will be sweet!
  • More Structures - As the engine matures, more and more work will be put into content.  I want the next update to be big on new structures again, so look forward to that!
  • Aliens, Monsters, Combat - As has been much requested, aliens, monsters, and combat are coming!  Just kidding.  lol.
Anyway, that's all for now folks.  As always, thanks for playing, and keep the feedback and suggestions coming!
How can we get independent. .. how can we get humans then ?
Humans still keep coming in from the landing pads. Once you declare independence, any embargo should be lifted
How much will it cost ?
Oh, it's like 100,000 civics I think. You can do it now, check the Statistics window
(11-13-2016, 08:45 PM)bastecklein Wrote: Oh, it's like 100,000 civics I think.  You can do it now, check the Statistics window

I cant access that ever since it got expanded
When will this update come to Android?
[Image: 0HNanx1.png]
Should be available now
(11-13-2016, 08:59 PM)bastecklein Wrote: Should be available now

I'm excited to play. Opening it up now
Is there a reason that the tree farm can only make ore miners?
Join me and the smug babies! : oZ593uRR 

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laundry is fun to do too. stop by and do that for me lol
The smallest map is very tough to do. Have to start on a bigger map now, learned a bit from the small map setup so the next shall be better. Smile
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i have to go now, i help painting a fence, my frend said it was fun so i will do it for him lol
thanks Batractos appriciated
uh cannon, you can make your colonists happy by giving your colony a stimulus package
that doesn't sound very fun at all.
i have to go now, i help painting a fence, my frend said it was fun so i will do it for him
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