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[FFF] Deadpool Wants you! To Join Ikes Place!!!!!!!
Welcome to Ikes place!!! 

Remember… Deadpool Wants YOU to join!!!
Charter Code: 08i0vJ2S

 How to join:
-Use the charter code 08i0vJ2S to jump on the fastest route to claim your independence!!!!
-Join our Discord Server and use -register in the #registration channel!!! Click Here to Register
-when you join, let everyone know you are part of Ikes place, an meet everyone part of the FFF! (you wont be sorry)

What you get when you join Ikes Place and the FFF:
-You will be joining an active group of people who help one another with any issues you have in the game and are willing to send you resources when you struggle.
-Game bonuses and starter packs!!
-Mother colony (ME!!!) will send items at random to help you grow.
Expectations for colonies within the commonwealth:
-     Pay your taxes. Usually I give money back in lump sums throughout the game that equal more than what you paid in.
-     Ask for help when you need it! Don’t give up or quit the game! With the FFF and myself, we can get you out of a sticky situation! Don’t understand how something works! We all had it happen at one point. Don’t be shy. This community is about helping and understanding!
-     Stay active. Logging in, checking your population, grow your colony and chat us up on the discord! It’s a lot of fun!!!
- New colonies maintaining 0 population & 0% Relations will automatically be removed after 4 weeks.
-Colonies inactive for 6 weeks or more  will also be removed.
ATTENTION: Please… Please… PLEASE!!!!!!! Do not leave your colony name as MY COLONY. It makes it hard to keep track of who I've sent stuff to. You don’t want to be forgotten when times are tough now.. do yah?!?!?
You can edit your name by going to the statistics screen and looking towards the bottom.
Start up when you join the discord:

(Please note, if I haven’t sent you a starter pack, and you have joined the discord.. Please PM either on the Forums, or discord PM, and give me a little nudge in your direction… Thanks!)

100,000 Ore
100,000 Steel
100,000 Gold
500,000 Food
500,000 Water

Any help request is usually honored… Within reason. If you are in hard times. Please let me know. I have more than enough supplies to go around. But do not like to be taken advantage of.. Lets work together. 

"Now, I'm about to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s."

Any Questions....?
[Image: 123456ikesplace_2.jpg]
Deadpool is so cool!
[Image: 0HNanx1.png]
I'd join just because of Deadpool!
thanks guys. Big Grin
[Image: 123456ikesplace_2.jpg]
its all about the nookie?
[Image: 0HNanx1.png]
tee heee!
[Image: 123456ikesplace_2.jpg]

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Jaja, yes you can. mass driver exports 100, galactic freight exports 1000, and space elevator exports 10,000
Thanks what is a GBT
I replied to your thread Jaja
Can you export more than 100 units at a time
come on Orcinus, that bot needs to be in HERE! lol
-annoy Randium
A low gravity disco... that sounds cool!
Hi. Great game. Don't know where to put suggestions, but here they go: firedrill seems critical for resetting colonists, keeping thier commute short and happiness going. I suggest it to become an option of the lander. And secondly, more entertainment! Maybe a low gravity disco. Smile Thanks!
has the mechanic that makes colonists sick changed?
Present symbol on lower right edge of your game
Where do you find the gifts in my colony? It keeps saying that I've been sent a gift, but can't find where to get them
if you login to fbook and then select cloud save from the options menu in game (stats is the menu i think) it should then save game and then you can play on other pcs where you left off .... mobiles are a bit shaky in this regard so ive been told
go into documents on pc then look for my colony folder and backup the saves in there
you should always make a backup of your svaes because the game is still in beta mode
And now its not even loading on my current computer
I started a colony at home and it became massive, tried opening the app after logging in on another computer and it doesnt show up
Hey guys. Are you able to open the game from another computer if you're logging in to gmail and your fb account?
Ive noticed my bots wont harvest if they get too far away from the drop off point and building reactors all over the map would be a huge waste, same with aluminum
thats what I was a fraid of