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command rogue gone modding reference and console

Gone Rogue Command Console Reference and Modding
Most players probably do not realize, but there is an in-game command console in Gone Rogue for advanced users.  This thread shows how the console is accessed and what each command does.  It will also be updated as new commands are added.

The command console is accessed by pressing the "Tab" key on a keyboard, so obviously, a device with a keyboard is required.


Here are the available commands.  Some of these commands might be considered cheating, and may have a negative impact on your gameplay experience.

Player and Game Commands
  • me: center the map on the player
  • save: force save the current game
  • backup: export save game file to disk in .rcb format (experimental)
  • restore: restore backed up .rcb game file.  Overrides current game. (experimental)
Game Hack Commands
  • dtcf: clear the fog of war
  • dtrf: restore the fog of war
  • dtgodmode: toggle god mode
Developer and Game Editor Commands
  • dtsetfloorsheet [name]: set the floor texture.  must set to a valid game texture
  • dtsetwallsheet [name]: set the wall texture.  must set to a valid game texture
  • dtpaintfloorsheet [name]: set the floor texture for a specific tile only
  • dtclrdec: clear the floor decoration map
  • dtdtm: toggle decoration painter mode
  • dttprm: toggle the town portal reception area map editor
  • dtwalledit: toggle wall editor mode
  • dtdooredit: toggle door editor mode
  • dtaddobject: insert objects into the map
  • dtremoveobject: remove objects from the map
  • dtaddstairs: add staircases to the map
  • dtremovestairs: remove staircases from the map
  • dtxpm: export current floor map to disk in .rcm format
Again, this list will be continually updated as commands are added.

As you can probably tell from some of the commands above, there is actually a full hidden game editor build right into the game.  The editor is still a bit basic, and you have to know all of the internal texture names to get the most use out of it, but eventually this will be completely fleshed out and expanded, allowing players to create complete mod files for Gone Rogue that they can export and share with their friends (or anyone else for that matter).

Anyway, if you have any suggestions on commands that can be added, or questions about the console system (or modding in general), post them here.
And by the way, if anybody wants to play with changing the wall and floor sheets, the currently available ones are:


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