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resources gains and not lost ( more info in post )
This post is because some people believe you can louse access to houses or the park if your atmosphere drops back under 5 million .Well i know for a Fact even in normal game play this is not true .
   One of my mains i let atmosphere go over 15 million to get the alien water condenser then Shut down every thing that produced it all atmosphere plants all refinery's any building that makes it and the atmosphere started drooping and went back down to 14.6 million at this point .
   I can STILL build the alien condenser father more i have the save bug hit me onmy newest colony i went over 5 million atmos the park and all other 5 million lv 3 buildings became active .
 then the bug hit took over 4 million atmosphere and i only had 600 k left and BUILT the park -mall- zoo and all other buildings including houses were still able to be built .ps still not back to 5 million yet taht was today .
   So the conclusion is you could with enough time ( or help from the bug that steals resources )
 get your atmosphere back to zero ! and still build any building the game has that requires 15 million atmosphere .
        ( ps my theory once the colonists have the alien tek they also learn to hold there breath forever and no longer need air lolololol )
  Ps once i put in condensers so fast my atmosphere was like 2 k ( did not notice it was still so low lol . anyway 20 mints later no water and i am like what gives and notice the timers on the condensers were frozen ( no air no run ) added more atmosphere plants totsweet . wich just shows its not as hard as it sounds to get back to zero atmosphere .
Yeah, if you have atmosphere issues, just build a lot of bacteria farms. A good 10 or so for every 20 AAC will keep you at par, if not clog your atmosphere up. Mine is past 84m. I just wonder if there can be problems if the atmosphere gets too high (like an update where you randomly lose water due to global warming, or health decreases due to an atmosphere over 50m having smog) would be possible.
now thats science right there. Smile

I honestly was wondering what happened if you condensed your atmosphere back to 0.

did it give you any messages when you passed the atmosphere miletones?
Valastorm, people have reported over a billion atmosphere and no ill effects.
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Lol geez it'd take even 1000 alien condensers a bit to take down 1b atm. Good thing that's not an issue yet.

Valstrom, I do assume given the smog complaint warning at 15m some ill effects, at least health wise, might be coming. Thinking about it, since the colony starts out in space suits though, I can't say people insisting on not wearing them in a super-dense atmo makes a ton of sense. Of course, the general effects of global warming have to be condensed, since the big threat is more in terms of atmosphere / weather rather than an immediate problem with health related to CO2 levels, and that would be a pretty hard effect to simulate.

Actually, I'll give that some thought in case Bast is undecided, as without a doubt there should be a penalty for super high atmo, but it should ideally make sense as most things in this game follow a realistic (at least theoretically) tactic rather than completely inventing tech / science. What the penalty should be is really the question.

Also, I assume this is just something not yet changed, but I overset my bacteria farms the other night and pushed atmo back to 0. Still have and can build parks, etc., and people aren't in spacesuits. That obviously doesn't make a ton of sense.
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I know that there is no problem with high atmo levels, I'm just speculating that if there were any atmosphere issues that occurred when the levels were high, it'd be interesting. Like larger colonies would have to essentially bottle up and sell their atmosphere or something.

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looks like im starting all over again....
tried looking but all im seeing is a long conversation about bugs....
If you scroll down a ways patchdaddy posted the link, I cant cause not sure how to on this tablet
Send the file to the dev would be my guess
no way to fix it?
You start over. Messing around, sorry. Smile
save just became corrupted as i hit 250k civs for independance, how do i fix my file?
hmm, entertain me
I found a little issue. Not sure if it's been discussed. But after you upgrade your capitol, and respond to mail by trying to send resources it defaults back to 500 maximum.
@nunez499 thankyou for the help. Is there any information on a how to within the forums? I have only been playing the game a few weeks had an issue with my tablet and had to reset back and lost all. Created a new game so its going better.
Rufus here. Liking the 'annex' feature. Freedonia has expanded to allow more aluminum and uramium production, as well as a portrait of our fearless leader
@Lordmommy when you become independent, you can create a new colony by using your own chartercode
Can anyone tell me where to look on how to create a sub colony and link the 2? Please?
Definitely rename your saves - that's a common mistake that causes older saves to be overwritten when someone makes a new colony.
It takes a while to get going on the forest planet. Good luck!
im thinking the earth-like planet might be the best because things progress more slowly so you can see a disaster approaching least at the start.
darn...oh well.....a good enough reason to start a new colony and try new thing. like NOT using any aluminium for buildings. im trying the wood to charcoal to steel/gold the earthlike planet. but small. giving myself a little maybe doomed challenge
If the new colony saved as the same file, then yes, it would overwrite the old one.
hey quick question...if i have a colony with the same name...does it delete the older one......if so i may have lost my best colony. Tongue it was named beta-52 or something but saved as my-colony.mcz
Have fun!