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My Colony 0.28.0 Release Notes
This time I decided to get crazy and start adding a new species into the game.  Here is a list of what's new with My Colony!

My Colony v0.28.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • You can now send private messages between commonwealth colonies!
  • Zolarg Empire aka Insectoid Species
  • New Structures: Mound, Feasting Area, Communal Water Vats, Paste Tank, Paste Path, Brood Training Center, Sugar Burner, Insectoid Mint
  • New Resource: Sugar
  • New "Vehicles": Worker Drone, Waterbug, Orebug, Goldbug
  • New Techs: Gold Storage, Sugarpower, Communal Finance
  • New ad-free Structure: Rainbow Road
  • Game compression can now be turned off for faster saves
  • Added confirmation prompt on "Upgrade All" button
  • Steel no longer has unlimited storage
Obviously the big change is the addition of the Insectoid race.  It is in the very beginning stages right now, but is playable.  The goal is that the Insectoids will have 3 different planets like the Humans, and will have roughly the same number of structures and techs.  So obviously the next several updates are going to be insectoid related.  After that, I have at least two more alien races in mind, so when I said a couple of months or so ago that the game was only 5% complete, I wasn't playing around.

One final note, the Windows 10 Store edition of the game is now presented as a "Hosted Web App", which means it is now up to date just like the Web version is.  If you are on Windows 10 and you do not wish to be on the "bleeding edge" like with the website, you can download the non-Windows Store desktop app from this location:

Thanks for playing everyone!  Tons more on the way!
Any steel Storage?
Join the Commonwealth of Emerald City!
Charter Code: EfbgdYs6

Warehouses and ore refineries for steel storage.
Okay, so the mounds cost food to make, and make food. So now the colonists that have joined are consuming more food than my mounds can produce. Now I can't make any food without it being immediately spent. I'm now stuck in a perpetual cycle of not getting anywhere. I could just restart, but I don't really want to do that considering the time I've spent so far on it. If you could alter it so it doesn't cost any food, that would help me, and others in the future who are just starting out.
There is still balancing to be done, but the thing that makes the Zolarg tricky is that they reproduce rapidly so food will always be an issue. BTW the feasting area also converts sugar into food, so it's not just the mounds that make food
At present there's a fine balance you have to achieve between collecting sugar and producing food. You'll need to add feasting areas to produce more food, which also use more sugar. I've had to restart 3 times in order to get the balance just right. Keep in mind as always that this game is in beta release so you should expect there to be some things that aren't complete. As the change log says the new race is " the beginning stages...". If this is the first time you're playing My Colony, then playing as the Zolarg is probably not where you should be starting.
I am playing on Android, I do not see a option to turn off compression for the game saves. 

Insectiods is tricky. Like it was said you have to have a balance. I have found out on my first try that you do not want to build a second mound until you are ready, for the simple fact that the mounds are what bring you more colonists. Food plantations are the way to go to get started.
Turn off compression on the Statistics screen. It is done on a per-colony basis
Does anyone else has the problem, that you can't load a Mega Map with your Android and compression turned off (-> big file size)?
On my Android device, I can't play my "main" colony with compression turned off (-> file size ~41MB, with compression on: ~3,4MB).
So I had to do these steps:
1: Copy the gamefile to my PC
2: Load it
3: Turn compression on and save it
4: Restore this file back to my Android device and play with compression turned off.

I think, the problem is not my smartphone, because it has 6GB Ram with a strong CPU. So, please increase the Cache size (or what else), that everyone can play with the annoying compression turned off Smile
My charter code: QPSD6uuE

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looks like im starting all over again....
tried looking but all im seeing is a long conversation about bugs....
If you scroll down a ways patchdaddy posted the link, I cant cause not sure how to on this tablet
Send the file to the dev would be my guess
no way to fix it?
You start over. Messing around, sorry. Smile
save just became corrupted as i hit 250k civs for independance, how do i fix my file?
hmm, entertain me
I found a little issue. Not sure if it's been discussed. But after you upgrade your capitol, and respond to mail by trying to send resources it defaults back to 500 maximum.
@nunez499 thankyou for the help. Is there any information on a how to within the forums? I have only been playing the game a few weeks had an issue with my tablet and had to reset back and lost all. Created a new game so its going better.
Rufus here. Liking the 'annex' feature. Freedonia has expanded to allow more aluminum and uramium production, as well as a portrait of our fearless leader
@Lordmommy when you become independent, you can create a new colony by using your own chartercode
Can anyone tell me where to look on how to create a sub colony and link the 2? Please?
Definitely rename your saves - that's a common mistake that causes older saves to be overwritten when someone makes a new colony.
It takes a while to get going on the forest planet. Good luck!
im thinking the earth-like planet might be the best because things progress more slowly so you can see a disaster approaching least at the start.
darn...oh well.....a good enough reason to start a new colony and try new thing. like NOT using any aluminium for buildings. im trying the wood to charcoal to steel/gold the earthlike planet. but small. giving myself a little maybe doomed challenge
If the new colony saved as the same file, then yes, it would overwrite the old one.
hey quick question...if i have a colony with the same name...does it delete the older one......if so i may have lost my best colony. Tongue it was named beta-52 or something but saved as my-colony.mcz
Have fun!