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Plans for 0.28.0
Started working on v0.28.0 last night, and here are my plans so far.  Firstly, I have implemented private messaging between commonwealth colonies.  There is a bit more to do on it to make it better, but the basic functionality is done.

Secondly, on all versions except for web, you will be able to turn game file compression off in the statistics screen, on a per-colony basis.  This will make saving files pretty much instant, VS the the slow compression time that happens now.  If you turn off compression though, you will not be able to use the cloud save or sync between devices.  Also, you will not be able to turn it off for the Web version, since web browsers typically do not provide that much internal storage space for a single web app.

Next, I am going to be adding a way to let players "visit" other colonies.  This will only work with players who are using cloud sync.  They will be able to post a share URI for their colony that the game will be able to open, allowing other people to view their colonies in a read-only state.

Beyond that there will be the usual bug fixes and a few new buildings thrown in for good measure.
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I can't wait!
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Sounds awesome!
I'm not big on self promotion but if you want a commonwealth that is consistently on every day feel free to join 8uoAa6ho. Need any resources or help just send a PM.  
Awesome! Smile

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Good luck!
Thanks for all the Hard work !
Did I tell you I love you yet?
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(( ran into the Chrome is out of storage a few times now )) And when it happens if you ahvent saved or backed up the file in a wile you can louse progress .
But saving once every two hours is more then enough to be sure it does not happen .
Ok on with my reply . So (9 maybe the compression has something to do with limite space ?
if this is the problem why cant you jsut have the game (( when ever it saves auto of otehrwise save right to downloads folder ? this would save the space on browsers . and also give us a auto backup as teh file would Alreday excist in our downloads .Pluse it would update that file any time you save meaning less lost progress .
of corse i dont klnow the works so maybe this idea wont work ?
Great news.

I would like to encourage you to reconsider disabling uncompressed saving for web users, however.

It may be that "most browsers do not provide that much internal storage for a single app", but most instances can. Approximately 3/4 of all browser page views worldwide now come from a browser using chrome's Blink engine (All versions of Chrome, Opera and the bulk of the remaining 1.4%).
Blink supports a quota of up to 6% of the user's hard drive in persistent storage. If a user only has 20GB free on their hard drive, which is unlikely, 75% of browsers support persistent storage from a single site of 1.2GB. My save files are approximately 5MB compressed. Assuming a very generous compression ratio of 95%, we get a 100MB save file for a large map that is completely, efficiently, filled. This is probably at least the 95% percentile for save file size. It is reasonable to conclude that at least 71.25% of people (0.75*0.95) using the web version, therefore, could store their save files uncompressed without encountering an issue, other than an additional storage request which chrome requires after 50MB. We can add to this further because Firefox supports up to 10% of available storage space, we get a very conservative estimate of (0.95*(0.75+0.154))~ 86% of web version users able to store their save file uncompressed. Perhaps you could provide a warning to the tune of "Warning: Only recommended for Chrome and Firefox users. You may encounter issues using this option on other browsers or if you do not accept the 'Increased storage request' dialog."
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(02-18-2017, 09:12 PM)Vyryn Wrote: 86% of web version users able to store their save file uncompressed

I made no calculations, but I'm pretty sure that more than 86% of web version users have no issue with compression during the saving.
Only a very small portion of users have a very big colony and trouble with compression.

Bastecklein should be able to add some little script to monitor the frame rate of players during the saving to see how big the issue is.
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I thought interdependence was coin and not civics so i did the same thing.
lots and lots of clicking so much so usaly by independence i had over 250 k in coins
accutly i did make payroll and taxes selling water at a 1 per 100 back when all there was the massdirver
seems like normally theres quite a few people trying to buy stuff like aluminum and harder to get stuff
If this game mirrors reality then there are definately aliens out there pillaging planets for resources and abandoning them.
Youll never make payroll if your trying to sell water or foor at $1 per
I made a few fortunes on sugar, ant paste, and antium in the last 7 days.
@BWILSON13087 Most people have plenty of what they need. Until new content is released.
@Blackwolf It's not a very active time for the forum right now.
so does nobody wanna buy anything in the GBT anymore?
Still nothing sad day
@HushHush Yep. I get a lot of them too.
Yea i can do that
Did that all last night hahah
@Blackwolf You can post in the My Colony General Discussion sub forum that you're looking for a commonwealth and see who answers.
Well i started my own lil colony and up to almost 600 pop
Must be a lot f them given the frequency
It happens to everyone HushHush. They pick a random commonwealth from the ingame list then decide they don't want to play anymore.