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My Planet Gameplay Instructions
Note: This was originally posted here: on the Ape Apps Blog.  The old blog post will no longer be maintained, and all future information will be posted here on the forum.

My Planet is a virtual simulation game where you take control of a planet and try to grow a healthy and thriving population! It is like a virtual pet or Tamagotchi game on a planetary level. Play God by manipulating the sunlight and the rain in order to grow as large a population as possible.

The Basics
At it's core, My Planet gameplay is very simple and straightforward.  Your goal is to grow your planets population by keeping the Sun and Water meters as close to 50% as possible.  The closer these meters are to the 50% mark, the faster the Vegetation meter will grow.  The higher your vegetation meter, the faster your population will grow.  Growing your population is the primary purpose of My Planet.


Primary Controls
The simplicity of My Planet is ever so apparent by the primary game control buttons located on the bottom right of the screen.


From left to right, the control buttons are the God Power menu, the Sun toggle, and the Rain toggle.  Just above the controls, the Moon toggle will switch your primary focus between your planet and its moon.  The Sun and Rain toggles are used to add sunlight and water to your planet.  While they are turned on, your Sun and Water meters will grow.  If you leave the sun on for too long, your planet will burn up.  If you leave the rain on for too long, you will flood out your people.

God Powers
When your planet is run efficiently and your Vegetation meter remains high, you will gain Experience, which will be indicated by a growing Experience meter.  When the experience meter is completely full, it will reset to 0 and you will gain one God Power.  Your current amount of God Power is indicated by the number on the bottom right of the God Power menu button.

The Faith meter grows when your people are well fed and optimal vegetation is maintained.  The level of faith is an indication of how well you are running your planet, and lets you know to what degree your people believe in what you are doing.  It also controls where your people will go once they die.


The Afterlife
When your people die, their souls will end up in either Paradise or the Underworld.  Where they go is determined by the level of faith that your people have in you.  The higher the faith, the more people that will end up in Paradise.  Ideally, you want all of your followers to end up in Paradise (unless you are an evil god).  You can bring up the Afterlife Report by pressing the menu button on the bottom left of the screen.

The Moon
Space.  The final frontier.  Once you have a well established population on your planet, you may wish to attempt to colonize the Moon.  Moon colonization is done by using your God Powers to send people and supplies to the moon.  These options can be found in the God Powers menu.  Since the moon has no atmosphere and does not support vegetation, you must constantly transport vegetation from your planet to the moon by use of God Power.  If you establish a moon colony, don't forget about your colonists!  Failure to send them timely supplies will lead to a massive and rapid population die-off, sending the abandoned colonists straight to the Underworld.

Real Time Gameplay
In My Planet, game play continues forward even when you are away.  For this reason, you must check back on your people throughout the day to make sure you do not need to alter their sun or water supply.  You also have the option to suspend the real time nature of the game by pressing the Pause button.  But for an added challenge and extra fun, keeping your planet running in real time is the suggested mode of play.

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No there is still an ad on the side
join the FFF u wont regret it i promse!
sup yall
@Brui Usually, when your click your Commonwealth Capital (Often your main Colony) you will see all Colonies which are part of your Commonwealth. They are indicated with Yellow lines, connecting them with your Commonwealth Capital.
@Redsamuri: I would say, Check Statistics and go to the Rescources Section. Then check your Aluminium and you will see the amount of Inflow/Outflow. There you can also see from what you earn your Inflow of Aluminium, and what is using Aluminium/ Creating an Outflow of Aluminium. I Hope this helps!
@BestColony11: Maybe if you already purchased Premium and activated it? I Don't recall the request for .AMK File activation since i purchased Premium.
The other one is that you do not have the Rescources. I also could not find the Megabot once it's Tech was rescearched. But when i imported some Aluminium, a rescource needed for Megabot Construction, it did appear in my Small Vehicle Factory. You can import/export rescources in the Black Market Bazaar. I hope this helps.
@Llama This can be the cause of tho things, as far as i know. One is that you did not rescearch all necesary Technologies.
I have done everything that is required to get the Megabot but I still cant build it (its not in my vechile factory)
@Redsamuri Do you have a sweetener factory?
why Windows Store version dosent ask for .amk file when i remove ads.
hi i just registered
I have Aluminum Genearator but still some thing in the game is draining my Aluminum. What's going on I don't have urainium. Enrichment. Going
@Brui There are certain technologies you have to unlock, forgot which, to unlock the capitols. And you need to Capitol to be able to send gifts to other colonies in your Commonwealth
how do i send gifts wuthout consulate or capitol? And how do I construct them if i am already independent and want to help the colonies under my charter?
nah it's not because of the map, it freezes at the very first loading screen
I need character code so i can combine with my diplomacy
how do i see the world under my charter in the new android version?
Loads for me, maybe try a different map sometimes they get corrupted.
anyone having the same issue?