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[TGF] SOC - Largest Ever - Active Discord Community - Experienced Advisers
Glad to have you here Drykill!

I also want to say awesome work everyone, today I decided to see how many people were daily active and I was surprised we have quite this many.
That's right, there are 24 different PEOPLE active daily in SOC. This is awesome guys, keep up the great work.
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I run an ongoing competition called Contestualize. You can win up to 800k Artifacts. Join #about_contestualize on discord for details.
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(02-01-2017, 05:04 AM)Vyryn Wrote:
24 daily active members!

After the dissolution of The One True Terra because of a bug, SOC was founded. SOC is founded on the principles of:


Origins of the name

The Standard Oil Company was the largest oil refiner in the world while it existed, and was eventually ruled to be an illegal monopoly by the United States Supreme Court and dissolved in 1911. The smaller companies that it split off into eventually did much better than it could have on it's own, and several of them are among the wealthiest corporations today.
The Standard Oil Company can be shorted to SOC, which is the same acronym we use.

The One True Terra (TOTT) was the largest commonwealth in the game, founded by yours truly, and was incorrectly classified as cheating by the game after a browser crash. This permanently deleted the commonwealth information and website. I have converted my colony into a new commonwealth, SOC, with most of the resources that TOTT had and am eager to begin rebuilding with all of you.

The stories of SOC and the original Standard Oil Company have several similarities; TOTT was the largest commonwealth in the game, incorrectly determined to be illegal and will rise again, stronger than ever before!

How to Join

Use the charter code DOOb6Emc to fast track your path to independence.
Join our Discord Server and post your colony website in the #registration channel to 
  • Get free goodies in the forum of a Quick Growth Goodie Pack (QGGP™) sent to your colony.
  • Join an active community of people who are willing to help you with any issues you have in the game.
  • Easily make specific resource requests in a manner that will ensure the mother colony will accept them as soon as possible.
  • Get access to a members only discord channel with regularly updated tips from Experienced Specialists that are tailored specifically towards new members.
  • And more!
    SOC will accept all active new members, but is most interested in members who can be active participants in our Discord community.
    We are interested in helping you grow your economy quickly and become independent quickly if you so choose. We also offer graduates the opportunity to stay within SOC as Specialists who identify with the goal and ideals of SOC and want to help new members advance in the game.


  • Join our discord server.
  • Post your colony website in the #registration channel
  • Grow - log in to the game at least once per month, steadily grow your number of colonists and/or GDP, and occasionally check discord for updates
  • Have Fun Smile
  • Optional: complete items on the bonus checklist below for even more resources!
Discord requires no download or registration. I have made the decision to move requests to discord to ensure requests can be filled as quickly as possible. Additionally, this decision increases accessibility since discord does not require registration, while posting a reply on the forums does.

Bonus Checklist

Each one of the challenges below that you complete will grant your colony your choice of one of the following:
  • 100,000 ore
  • 100,000 steel
  • 100,000 gold
  • 10,000 microchips
  • 5,000 wood
  • 5,000 aluminum
  • 500 alien artifacts * requires construction of your first dig site
Some can be completed more than once.

  • Say hello as a reply to this forum post.
  • Rate this thread with 5 stars. (requires screenshot)
  • Give a fellow SOC member a +1 rating on the forums - click rate at the end of one of their posts if they were helpful. (requires screenshot)
  • Reach 400 population.
  • Reach 800 population.
  • Reach 1600 population.
  • Reach 3200 population.
  • Reach 6400 population.
  • Reach 12800 population.
  • Reach 25600 population.
  • Reach 51200 population.
  • Post a screenshot of your full map of any size on the forum thread and discord.
  • Register on our federation discord to directly vote for issues that concern us: federation discord
  • Officially become a SOC Specialist
  • Hold a Crown (Move up at least 2 ranks in the top ten rating between list updates)
  • Tell a joke in #offtopic that literally makes Vyryn laugh out loud
When you complete one of these, let me know with @Vyryn in the #requests channel on discord which reward you would like and what you completed so that I can send you your reward! Rating this thread or a SOC member requires a screenshot because I can't check these things myself.


If you wish to set out on your own, SOC will assist you in ensuring that when you become independent you will have all the tools in your arsenal to grow for many years to come, perhaps one day founding a successful new commonwealth. Rest assured that I am not one of those commonwealths who just want your taxes and will hinder your path to greatness.
Soc firmly believes that you should never have to struggle to pay your taxes. If you are having difficulties, let me know here or on discord and I will work with you to develop a self sustaining colony, providing not only tax reimbursements but materials needed for gold mint or bank production as well.

What is a Quick Growth Goodie Pack™?

A Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ is a series of gifts every member can receive that will help them quickly expand their economy into a galactic superpower, while keeping their colonist happy and ensuring that they learn the skills required to continue their success after independence. Every SOC member will receive their Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ if they post their colony website in #registration on Discord.
Your Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ will include the following resources:
34,470 Ore
7,760 Steel
4,705 Gold
10,000 Money
For a limited time only, new colonies who register on discord will receive 10 times more than this!
That means 344,700 ore, 77,600 steel, 47,050 gold and 100,000 money! Don't miss this opportunity!

Why these numbers?

This is enough Ore, Iron and Gold to start you off with 4 Landing Pads, 2 Advanced Ore Refineries, 6 small pumps, 4 Solar Towers, 3 Small Research Labs, 3 Residential Complexes, 2 Advanced Hydroponics Centers, and your first Gold Refinery. The money enables you to put your best leg forward and initially focus on your economy instead of taxes.
Note that even if you do not have sufficient storage capacity, you will still receive the resources. However, your production will stop until the resources are below your capacity again. SOC hopes that your Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ will save you a few hours of initial work, skip the "steel grind" (Which can be the main put-off for new players) and set you on the path to Independence. If you instead wish to remain a part of SOC, we will be happy to have you and may be able to provide extended support when you encounter "The Aluminum Problem", which is like the steel grind but occurs much later on in the game, however you should not feel any obligation to stay if you do not wish to.
Further goodies can be gained by doing anything on the Bonuses list.

Thank you for helping make SOC better than ever before and best of luck on your colony!
*Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ is a trademark of The One True Terra Commonwealth and SOC and may not be copied and used by other commonwealths without permission. I encourage other commonwealths to develop their own unique reward systems, innovating for the benefit of all.
Credit for the new name goes to Airg who jokingly stated I had been trust busted by basteklein and suggested I start a new commonwealth by the name of "Standard Oil Co."

Grand List

This section will promote the most successful colonial members of SOC. Full list can be found here. Specialists are colonies who could have declared independence but choose to stay and support SOC. They are proof of our wonderful community!

              Name          | Population |      GDP       |   Change   | Status
--------------------------- | ---------- | -------------- | ---------- | ------
1  | Zei                    |      96367 | $7,691,434,142 |          0 | Holds the Crown and can request an extra bonus per week!
2  | Minokawa               |      34744 |   $631,243,563 |          0 | Growing
3  | Wharhabbll             |      22829 | $4,379,675,208 |          0 | Growing Well
4  | Ziemniak               |      15866 |   $342,399,772 |         +3 | Growing Well
5  | Firestone2             |      14951 |   $958,911,593 |         -1 | Growing Well
6  | Colony Name            |      12163 |   $964,862,521 |         -1 | Growing Well
7  | New Enercery VI        |       9010 |   $279,233,581 |         -1 | Growing Well
8  | RiverWorld_Lunar       |       6815 | $1,994,878,606 |        +20 | Growing Well
9  | Eckfuidoo              |       5997 |   $211,978,100 |         -1 | Growing
10 | Noob town              |       5810 |   $302,191,581 |          0 | Growing Well

SOC currently has an RRR of 44.

I am proud to say that SOC has 24 daily active members as of February 15th, 2016
Best of luck to all members of SOC, one day soon you can be on this list!
Special thanks to chronark for creating a script that makes updating this list so much easier
Let us all remember the tragic loss of the first brave colonists of the original Djedu to the terrifying Overwrite Monster.

Kudos List

This section is a thank you to the people who have chosen to give back to the commonwealth. Due to space limitations, Food, Water, Pottery, Rum and Oil will not be listed here. I encourage you to sell surplus food and water on the mass driver.

  1. Wharhabbll - 12m ore, 2m steel, 4.9m gold
  2. Ziemniak - 50k microchip, 2m steel, 5m ore, 300k clay, 1m gold
  3. Colony Name - 2m gold, 75k wood
  4. New Encery VI - 2.5m Ore
  5. Fireaddict - 2m ore
  6. Noob Town - 5k wood, 100k gold, 1m ore
  7. Hunting For Dragons - 150k steel, 500k ore
  8. Noobb - 100k Ore
  9. Ekfuidoo - 15k charcoal
  10. Vega-3 19k Microchip

Thanks for the OGGP it was a big help. Smile
You are very welcome Hirudo Smile
And welcome cwk30
Let me know how I can help you guys.
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I run an ongoing competition called Contestualize. You can win up to 800k Artifacts. Join #about_contestualize on discord for details.
Well, it's time for me to say hello.


Now that we have commonwealth messaging, I would prefer anyone who asks for materials in game instead of on discord or the forums to also send me a message telling me how many they need and, if its a lot, a few words on why.
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I run an ongoing competition called Contestualize. You can win up to 800k Artifacts. Join #about_contestualize on discord for details.
We have now reached 100 registered colonies on SOC and 80 people on our discord. We are also now the largest commonwealth by RRR and RSS. Awesome job everyone!
[Image: e1f99e7b70a7468a848874a43b84b4da.png]
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I run an ongoing competition called Contestualize. You can win up to 800k Artifacts. Join #about_contestualize on discord for details.
Add another active colony to that list - Hello all!
Hey I'm Agorial originally Agoria on the old colony! The bot on discord told me to post here.
Hello RedUnix, I think there may have been some confusion as the bot asked you to "post your colony website in the #registration channel."
You can find your colony website by opening your gear, then statistics, then selecting the top option, then choosing "copy website".
Thank you RedUnix and welcome to SOC Smile

Also welcome Paradigm, I hope you find the community as welcoming as I do.
If this post was helpful, click Thank.
I run an ongoing competition called Contestualize. You can win up to 800k Artifacts. Join #about_contestualize on discord for details.

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Delete your old roads, people! The colonists will literally walk themselves to death on any old roads you might still have from before any reorganization efforts.
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Avete in mente*
Avete in mete quando mandate 6 lavoratori ad un edificio ma 5 tornano indietro? Beh è quello che succede a me. Devo riselezionarli e inviarli nuovamente alla costruzione...
Idk if anyone else is having the same issues as me, but if the game don't get fixed in 2 days from the crashing, im done with it.
i have screenshots of his name and what he sells
EARTH 2 , is the player i solled my microchips to
omg ? i lost all my money ? i sel a lot of microchips i had 30+mill now i want to sell more in the gelactic bord of trading i sell to a guy/girl named earth... (dont know fully name) and i came out of the tradings i just had 3000 microchips left and just 7+mill ??? this is not normall pls help me ugh this makes me angry
It doesnt really do anything except of giving you the opportunity of insulting the colonists as stupid when they dont do what you want
@aisimian I don't think it does anything
@aisimain I don't think it does anything
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