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My Colony 0.24.0 Release Notes
After releasing v0.23.0, I started working on 0.24.0 so quickly that I forgot to make a release notes post!  Oops.  Who cares though, this post is about the glorious present and future of My Colony!

My Colony v0.24.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Techs: Colonial Tourism, Tourist Essentials, Tourist Traps
  • New Structures: Spaceport, Motel, Hotel, Small Casino, Gift Shop, Zoo
  • Added new Activate/Deactivate button
  • Added the concept of Tourism (Thanks to Thrimian for hashing out the details)
  • Basic Gamepad controls have been added.  More work yet remains in this area.
  • New Ad-Free Structures: Blue House, Yellow Flower Garden, Checkered Pavement, Obelisk of Colonial Independence
  • Building upgrades are no longer instant, building gets sent back to the construction queue
  • Building info box now shows construction countdown for each resource
  • On large screen devices with the construction sidebar, Building/Unit descriptions are now displayed
  • Adjustments to the day/night cycle
  • Raised the retirement income level
  • Increased food production rates
  • Various UI and theme updates (mostly a darker theme)
This release of My Colony is 'Tourism Update, Part 1.'  There are several more tourism related buildings to be added, which will be the focus of the next release.  Please post any bugs and issues you find with the tourism concept or with the new UI changes, and I'll get them fixed for the next release.  I'm going to take a few days off to work on some of my other apps, then it will be back to My Colony!

Thanks again for everybody who plays and supports development!
There's a day/night cycle now? o.0
I can't get the attachments to work but I'm building up my tourism since I just downloaded the update and my game has been extremely laggy and has frozen 2 times. I also found that my pyramid had 27/25 tourists. Don't know if this is a single case or if others are seeing the tourists overflowing some buildings.

I'm playing on android
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I feel that hotels use way too much cloth too fast in time, I feel it should be nerfed a bit. I understand the idea behind the cloth and I am not against it but I think it is too much, or make the textile mills produce faster, not more just faster
No i haven´t noticed anything Thrim.

(01-20-2017, 07:22 PM)Lilithvia Wrote: There's a day/night cycle now? o.0

I think he means the cycle between working and sleeping at night
[Image: 0HNanx1.png]
Awesome! I'm most excited about the increased food production rates. Lol. Keep up the great work everyone involved. We all appreciate it.
(01-20-2017, 10:11 PM)nunez499 Wrote: No i haven´t noticed anything Thrim.

Figured. It just caused such great lag on my phone that the game froze. It was peculiar and when I was checking out the pyramid I noticed it was just crazy overfilled at 37/25 but I couldn't get a screen shot as the game froze again. When I went back into the game it stayed open and that number had dropped and I got a screen shot. I just needed to pass it on.
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Great update as always!
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Nice work Bast! Exciting to watch game evolve
Does this update fix my lazy regolith miners? Because I would really like to get back to my lunar colony.

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I think once you get to a certain number of colonists, its too much for the game to handle
Ive found it best to 1. Fire Drill 2. Return to Title 3. Reload page 4. Load game
screw it ill just reload to before the god damn firedrill and stop trying to grow that colony. . . shame
yeah i think its actually that protesting crap thats bugged it up. . . . there where initially 200 or so protesters a with 2000 unhappy. . . now since hitting firedrill its gone up to basically 80% of population is unhappy. more than 12000 sick [initially 366 before firedrill] . . . basically since the protesters are occupying the same space essentially overloading game, it reduced the game speed and just bugged it up so that it completely collapses in on itself thats a great bloody system right there
Try saving and reloading? That fixed it for me when a fire drill seemed to take forever to put people back to work
cant even starve them to death because i have a huge stockpile of food, cant sell the stuff or send it to my other basis because of all the bloody trade restrictions
is there anyway to kill all my colonists. . . i hit the firedrill button to move the citizens around and its likely to take 1 - 2 years [realtime] until the games back working . . . hit it 1 hour ago its only 1% people housed / employed now out of 36000 people
Thanks, filing report now.
Is there a topic on proper bug reporting procedure?
And that's it. Brilliant!!!!
I did try to flip the new tall food building, that might be it. Let me try it
OK, going "flat" works.
Hmm...let me try that
it happened to me before when i flipped a type of building and i guess it didn't have a flipped sprite ready for it. its long fixed now but what you're experiencing sounds like it.
@jomaxro darn...i have an issue similar to that before. try click the transparency mode button and see if anything changes..
So I've run into a strange issue after updating to .36 on the Desktop - when I load any save or backup it loads, but everything is black. The resource data appears at the top, as does the building menu on the right, but I can't see my colony
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You're welcome.