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My Colony 0.22.0 Release Notes
It's been an excruciating 11 days since the last update to the game, leaving America and the rest of the world on the edge of their seats.  But now, coming up, get ready for the most dramatic update to My Colony ever.  Three worlds to choose from.  New resources scattered throughout the universe.  Who will come out on top?  Read on to find out!

My Colony v0.22.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Planet Types: When you start a new colony, you can now choose between the classic Red Planet, or the new and improved Lunar World or Forest World!
  • New Resources: Regolith, Helium 3, Oil, Charcoal, Plastic, Toys
  • New Vehicles: Lunar Rover, Forest Rover, Crudebot
  • New Structures: Small Helium 3 Extractor, Regolith Compactor, Water Extractor, Crushed Regolith Path, Helium 3 Tank, Regolith Mine, Wood Hut, Water Well, Potato Patch, Charcoal Hut, Charcoal Compactor, Charcoal Burner, Charcoal Factory, Mulched Wood Path, Oil Tank, Oil Plant, Quantum Food Storage, Dark Pavement, Synthetic Oil Lab, Plastic Factory, Toy Sweatshop
  • New Techs: Advanced Charcoal Production, Low Gravity Oil Production, Advanced Chemical Synthesis
  • New Premium (ad-free) Structures: Purple Flower Garden, Blue Flower Garden, White Flower Garden, Grass
  • Ice Chipper has been renamed to Waterbot
  • Increased Mass Driver import prices, lowered export prices
  • Reduced building and colonist simulation frequencies
  • Colonist stat screen now includes Health and Happiness info
  • Colonists are no longer counted as sick if their health is above 70%
  • At the Capitol/Consulate, you can now set a "Living Wage" policy, to give all colonists a basic income
  • It is now slightly more difficult to maintain colonist happiness
There have also been a whole host of bug fixes in this update, both across the board, and for each platform-specific version.

Performance wise, I have reduced the amount of times that colonist stats are updated during a second.  Prior, every colonist was being updated every single frame of gameplay, which was fine until populations got into the tens of thousands.  I have reduced this frequency to once every 5 game ticks.  It seems to make the game run faster on my personal device, so hopefully other people see an improvement as well.

Compared to normal, there was a lot of time in between this update and the last.  Truthfully, I was having too much fun making new buildings and playing the two new map types.  There is still quite a bit more to be added relating to the new maps, but I wanted to go ahead and get an update out to mobile users before they stage a revolt.  Plus there was a pesky Android zoom/scroll bug that needed fixed right away, so the time was right to publish the update.

As for the Galactic Board of Trade and the Mass Driver, they are still linked in this version, but I think I have made some improvements both on the server side and client side to try to reduce the massive price fixing and abuse that was going on.  Now the Mass Driver should almost always be a worse deal than what you can find at the GBT.  Also, GBT transactions with price points that are way outside of what resources are currently going for will no longer have an impact on the global Mass Driver pricing.  For instance, people were selling themselves Artifacts for hundreds of millions of dollars in order to temporarily send the Mass Driver price through the roof, so they could then go and offload tons of product onto the Mass Driver.  Now, big trades like that will no longer have an effect on Mass Driver pricing.  In the future, I might take even further steps to nerf the Mass Driver and the building Import features.  Now that the GBT is here they are not all that necessary, and they are the source of most of the price abuses online.

Coming up there are going to be more new structures related specifically to the new Toys and Helium 3 resources.  I also want to add more keyboard shortcuts to the Desktop versions of the game, and also clean up the UI a bit on iOS devices.  I am also going to be adding options on the Colonists Stats screen to fire them from their job, or evict them from their house.  And also a way to start charging them rent for their housing.  I also plan to start working through the player suggestions that are building up on the Suggestions forum, so hopefully I'm able to get to that.  Although once I start adding new buildings and techs, I usually end up going all in, but you never know!

One more thing, I will be doing another podcast this week, probably tomorrow or the next day (Monday or Tuesday), so those who want to participate, be looking out for that.  I usually announce it in the shoutbox here and in the Discord channel, with plenty of time in advance.  You can find the Discord channel here: and I'm pretty sure that there is a mobile app for that too.

Anyway, that's all for today, as always thanks for playing the game!
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Truly an awesome dev. Where else can you get updates that are so in tune with how the community is feeling?
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Thank you so much, just a qns, when will the update be available on all platforms?
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(01-09-2017, 10:15 AM)neotheone Wrote: Thank you so much, just a qns, when will the update be available on all platforms?

Should be available everywhere except iPhone right now.  Apple takes several days to go through the approval process.
Love the update!

One question though: the toys. Is there something they are needed for at this point or not yet?
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So we have to make a new colony in order to reach a new planet setup?

Read my topic about Sub-colonies tx Big Grin
(01-09-2017, 03:18 PM)SiLentS Wrote: So we have to make a new colony in order to reach a new planet setup?

Read my topic about Sub-colonies tx Big Grin

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(01-09-2017, 01:43 PM)RozaliaDame Wrote: Love the update!

One question though: the toys. Is there something they are needed for at this point or not yet?

There is no real point to the Toys yet, other than they are cool.  But build up your inventory, because they will have a use soon

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I think once you get to a certain number of colonists, its too much for the game to handle
Ive found it best to 1. Fire Drill 2. Return to Title 3. Reload page 4. Load game
screw it ill just reload to before the god damn firedrill and stop trying to grow that colony. . . shame
yeah i think its actually that protesting crap thats bugged it up. . . . there where initially 200 or so protesters a with 2000 unhappy. . . now since hitting firedrill its gone up to basically 80% of population is unhappy. more than 12000 sick [initially 366 before firedrill] . . . basically since the protesters are occupying the same space essentially overloading game, it reduced the game speed and just bugged it up so that it completely collapses in on itself thats a great bloody system right there
Try saving and reloading? That fixed it for me when a fire drill seemed to take forever to put people back to work
cant even starve them to death because i have a huge stockpile of food, cant sell the stuff or send it to my other basis because of all the bloody trade restrictions
is there anyway to kill all my colonists. . . i hit the firedrill button to move the citizens around and its likely to take 1 - 2 years [realtime] until the games back working . . . hit it 1 hour ago its only 1% people housed / employed now out of 36000 people
Thanks, filing report now.
Is there a topic on proper bug reporting procedure?
And that's it. Brilliant!!!!
I did try to flip the new tall food building, that might be it. Let me try it
OK, going "flat" works.
Hmm...let me try that
it happened to me before when i flipped a type of building and i guess it didn't have a flipped sprite ready for it. its long fixed now but what you're experiencing sounds like it.
@jomaxro darn...i have an issue similar to that before. try click the transparency mode button and see if anything changes..
So I've run into a strange issue after updating to .36 on the Desktop - when I load any save or backup it loads, but everything is black. The resource data appears at the top, as does the building menu on the right, but I can't see my colony
heh investment bank Smelt Money 1 Into Money 32 /round.
You're welcome.