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Current Beta Status and Information
(08-23-2016, 06:06 PM)bastecklein Wrote: Ape City
If you've played Ape City for more than just a couple of minutes, you can probably tell that it is still in the early beta stages.  This thread provides information on the current status of Ape City, what the goal of the game is, what works/what doesn't, and what is coming next.

The Development Goal
The first and primary goal I have for Ape City is to create (as closely as I can) an honest and accurate clone of the original Simcity game.  The original Simcity was my favorite game when I was a kid, so in many ways I am doing this project because I think it will be fun and I want to play the game myself.  I thought it would be fun to do all of the graphics by hand (using Crayola Supertip markers), and in my opinion the result is pretty nice looking thus far.  I am writing everything by myself from scratch, and have chosen not to utilize any of the source code from the open source Micropolis project.  I mainly see this as a fun challenge for myself, and hopefully other people will get some enjoyment out of the game as well.

As I said before, the primary goal is to recreate the gameplay and simulation mechanics of the original Simcity to the best of my ability.  Once I am satisfied that I have completed that goal, I will consider Ape City to be out of beta and at v1.0.  I am committed to finishing this portion of the game, even if nobody but me ends up playing it.  After that point, if there is any interest in the game from the community, I plan to turn the Simcity clone portion of the game into a "classic" mode, and then introduce a standard "Ape City" mode, where I will start adding new features and buildings to the game, basically taking it in any direction that I or the community wishes to see.  When players start a new city, they will be able to choose between the classic mode and the Ape City mode.  Classic mode will always remain a part of the game.  Again though, this secondary phase depends entirely on whether or not there is any interest out there in me developing the game.  Like I said, if it's just me playing it, I'd just as well leave it in classic mode and move on to something else.

What is Missing Right Now
The most obvious thing that I have yet to implement in Ape City is one of the most important - Money!  Yes, right now everything is free, and you don't have to worry about taxes and budgeting.  So you early users can take advantage of this fact and go crazy building right now and saving your progress, because money will be one of the next things I implement.

There is also no crime yet in Ape City, so you don't really have to worry about Police Stations.  Like I said before though, if you plan on playing long term, you should consider building them while they are free!

Railroads have not been implemented yet, nor has the Nuclear Power Plant.

Public opinion polls, and city score/rating have not yet been implemented.

Disasters have not yet been implemented, which also means Fire Stations really are not necessary.  But again, they are free...

Stadiums, Airports, and Seaports currently have no impact on your city, but this will be implemented soon.  Like everything else, might as well build them while they are free if you plan on playing for a while.

Traffic is currently not a factor in the game.  In fact, you don't really even need roads yet if you don't want to build them.  Of course, if you build a huge city with no roads, your save game will be essentially worthless once the traffic update hits.

There are also a lot of missing graphics.  Since I am drawing everything by hand, including animated frames, it takes some time.  Right now I have all of the base buildings drawn, as well as the low-land value versions of every zone.  So while your city grows and your land value improves, your city will still look like a slum.  The simulation knows what your land value really is, but I just have haven't drawn the graphics for the nicer looking areas yet Undecided

Churches and hospitals have also not yet been implemented.

Bugs and Glitches
I'm sure there are a lot of bugs, but also just general ways in which the simulation does not behave the same as the original Simcity.  I will keep trying to improve it as I go, but I am doing it all from observation so it may take some time to get right.  I know that right now, the game tends to give an abundance of Industrial demand and a shortage of Residential demand, but on the whole I have found that it is not too bad.  I think the game also tends to make land values higher than they should be in some areas and lower in others, but it will be easier to tweak the land value algorithms once I have finished implementing crime and traffic.

Cool idea well done. Not sure if others have mentioned but crashes when I try and lay train tracks.

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