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Feedback in here
Awesome concept and a lot of fun to play with. I tried playing it without any assistance.. and here is what happened overall:

Died, could see my body and my old loot.. ran for my body, something new got me! Died again! 

Something was at spawn, the screen went full seizure mode, and according to the stats screen I died 23 times due to a zombie at the spawn point.

Suggested corrections:
Spawn is a "no mob area" or you spawn with more than 1 life, the only way to keep playing at that point was to start a new game, I died another 20+ times each time I tried to move or hit the zombie at spawn. 

Heavy outline or something to draw out the look, a "glow" something.. they are lost in the background, and made it so I walked over loot without realizing it. 

Would love to help out with the development, please let me know if you are interested in some assistance!

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nvm found it
in that case how do i send higher payroll assistance
oh thnx
you cant, its built in based on each building. you can send higher payroll assistance and send gifts
how do you lower the taxes put on a colony?
@Utopia There is also the option of starting over under an active commonwealth. FFF, NOZ, and TGF all have threads in the Commonwealth Area with instructions on how to join.
I dont have a consulate yet lol i am screwed
Thanks patch daddy i will try that
Only thing they can do though, is demand a tribute from you, which you will have to pay. That will increase your relations faster. But they can demand a low tribute.
You can send them a message via the consulate (or equivalent) building.
How can i contact the colonial charter owner. I need my relatiins to improve because i coupdnt pay taxes and as i pay the relations barely improve can the owner of the charter fix this or any suggestions
Do you have gold and are there workers in the building?
Gold mint
Golm kint is not making money,. Any tips?
haha yeah that guy. Tongue its a bit funny since its just tag words. black magic get your wife back with black magic fix you love life.
And hes gone
A guy just spammed in general discussions for advertising black magic
how are u new then?
New to the game. Been playing since 06/14. UE member. Grid coords -164:-828 in ElzFq13F. Just saying hi and hope all's well in the galaxy.
@DarkPhoenix, so far I have seen a communications dish and I think some new animations. I'm sure something will be released soon.