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Welcome to the ApeIRC Forum! - bastecklein - 06-18-2016

Welcome everyone to the new forum community for ApeIRC!  This is a place for discussion/support/suggestions or anything else related to ApeIRC.  ApeIRC is still in the early development stages, so discussion here will help shape the future direction of the app.

For those who don't know, ApeIRC is an in-development Universal Windows IRC client from Ape Apps.  It supports Windows 10 desktop and mobile, and might even work on Xbox One, although I haven't tested that out yet.  Information and download links can be found at the official ApeIRC website here: http://www.apeirc.com/

As of now there is only one section to the ApeIRC forum, so put all discussion here.  If the forum grows and it is warranted, more sections can be added as needed.  Just keep it civil please!  ApeIRC doesn't have many users for it right now, but I thought that the nature of the app might lend itself to discussion, so we will see!