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New terraforming resource - heat - Amorphus - 04-21-2017

I thought this one would be a great addition to the game. You can implement heat in several ways. Heat could detirmine whether lakes are ice, water, or non-existant. The higher the heat, the more water  colonists consume, buildings decay faster, automatic production is slowed, and power plants are reduced in effectiveness. The colder the planet gets, the faster automatic buildings operate, colonists consume more food, buildings decay faster, bots move and build faster(cold makes metal more conductive to electricity), and power plants increase in effectiveness.

Even though too much heat or cold have their downsides, you could make buildings that exploit them. For example, a therm powerplant consumes heat and water to make power. An advanced brick factory coukd require heat and clay to make bricks quickly, a refridgerator could use water and produce heat and food  because if it's preserving capabilities, less food has to be thrown out, so does if the fridge is producing food. 

Adding the heat aspect to the game  adding the heat aspect of the game got  would force the player to balance the heat and atmosphere in order to produce plant and animal life.  This would also make room for heat terraforming buildings. I will continue to develop this idea  And make resource costs and production amounts for the buildings. I may need help drawing the buildings because I am a horrible drawer.