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Option to choose version - Amorphus - 04-21-2017

Many of us know that when new content is added to a game, there is a possibility that new bugs will surface. Some of these bugs can ruin the gameplay or make it impossible to play effectively. This can be avoided by choosing not to update the game on your devices, but what if you have already updated?  Well, your screwed until the dev pushes out another update to fix those bugs. 

I have a possible solution. If you could provide a way to choose the game version, you could revert the game back to a version that doesnt have the bugs and play, even if you dont get that extra content.

You could tie each save file to a version and not allow them to be used on other versions. You could also add an option to update a save file and revert a save file. These would change to version that a save file is tied to and add or remove content from the file depending on what version you are switching to. This would prevent people with save files that contain regolith extractors from choosing another version to play in and still keeping tjose extractors, or worse, creating a fatal error in the game and ruining the save file.

RE: Option to choose version - nunez499 - 04-21-2017

i understand where you´re coming from, but its contrary to the idea of beta testing. Bugs and crashes are part of the game til there is a final version.

RE: Option to choose version - bastecklein - 04-21-2017

Yeah, I would possibly entertain this after the game is out of beta

RE: Option to choose version - forcedminer - 04-21-2017

always a nice thing for nostalgia purposes.

i only wish starbound opted into that. Big Grin
[never did like its modern toolbar and touched based damaged....]

RE: Option to choose version - Amorphus - 04-21-2017

Thanks everyone, yeah i forgot about being in beta. This makes sense