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[W] [F] [?] - Hurts2Pee - 04-19-2017

Looking for a specific type of Federation, [W] = Wanted.

-One that frequently uses external communication (discord, etc), but doesn't require it
-One that is very tolerant of pushing the boundaries of chat through horrible puns, inappropriate humor and trolling (just being upfront, but I don't cross into personal attacks or bringing others down, nor do I tolerate that well)
-One that is NOT rigid and inflexible with the rules (I don't need a prison environment)
-One that aims to be strategic and not start fights, but be strong enough to finish them
-One that values input from all their members
-One that doesn't have a problem with a busy summer travel schedule (will be several non-contiguous weeks where I can't be online)

A bit about my Commonwealth:
-daily player since the beginning of the year
-RRR:1 (if they aren't active for 7 days I boot them)
-commonwealth GDP of $470T

-diversified manufacturing with an emphasis on high-end goods (aluminum, uranium, artifacts, plastic and robots)

If you are interested, tell me a bit about your federation [?] = questions
-Chat mechanism used and frequency of use
-How membership works, tiers, plans, voting, termination
-Goals of your federation
-Likliness to engage in cross-federation battles [0-100]

-Tolerance of chat [0-100]
-What you would want from me
-Anything else you feel is pertinent

Thanks and enjoy the game!  Smile

RE: [W] [F] [?] - ii Interstellar Intelligence - 04-19-2017


Not sure if you've heard of the First Future Federation, but I believe we are the biggest Federation with 23 unique independent commonwealths and over 70 registered members on our discord server.

We use discord as our primary method of communication but it isn't explicitly required. Stop by sometime, we are very active.

We have many levels in our federation. To start off with, you could join us right now no interview no nothing and be a commonwealth leader in our federation. That means you get access to most of our discord channels and once one of your subcolonies joins the discord you get your own channel for your commonwealth! Just for saying you wanna be a part of the team! Smile

Then, if you are really interested in being part of the team you can look into getting promoted to Board Member which requires a vote from the rest of the board members and the senate. Once votes in, you get a say in our communities direction and get to vote on most decisions.

After that comes Junior Member of the Senate then Senior member of the senate. Those Coke with time though. That means you help manage the server, recruit, maintain order and make the important decisions.

We aren't competitive with other Federations except recruitment at the moment. Smile but if there were a need to defend ourselves or great prospects of victory and glory through conflict, it's possible we would engage in those types of activities. Hard to say when it's not doable yet.

Our goals are to foster a community of like minded players who want to help new people and better ourselves and the game. We stand (or sit) for fairness and equality.

Our group is extremely multicultural and global. So we are tolerant in many ways. Things we are NOT tolerant of would include: hate speech, being mean, targeting a group of people, etc. basically don't be a racist and have respect for others.

What would we want from you? For you to be a part of our team. I hope you are still reading this, and if you are I know you are as serious about this as we are. I'm basically writing our Federation manifesto here. We want to expand and we want to see what we can all accomplish together.

TLDR; check out our awesome discord: https://discord.gg/8KjqnKs

Thank you,
ii, Interstellar Intelligence
Leader of Galactia, Senior Member of the First Future Federation

RE: [W] [F] [?] - Vyryn - 04-19-2017

It's great that you are looking for a federation to join. There are currently two federations that seem to fit your needs. You have heard all about FFF from our esteemed colleague ii, so I will give you a brief overview of the other one, The Galactic Federation.

We are a large community, and although we are focused in just a few commonwealths at present, we are looking to expand and welcome some new commonwealth members. All you need to do to apply is request it on our discord, and the entire federation will vote to accept you. Our small number of commonwealths is largely do to our excellent member retention rate, which is unparalleled in the galaxy. This means that many members who could have long ago chosen independence actually choose to stay in one of our commonwealths, such is the strength of our community.

What is unique about TGF, the galactic federation, is that we give every single member, even the smallest sub colony, a voice in every decision the federation makes. Our unique voting system allows any member to propose a motion for the federation to adopt, and everyone gets to vote accordingly. Votes are distributed roughly according to game activity, but we do have limits so that no one person can achieve a monopoly.

Our roles system is very simple, we have Voters who are fully able to participate in our decision making process, Advisers who are knowledgeable about the game and able to help in a wide variety of ways, and two roles for taking care of our discord server. We also have a very diverse system of ranks that offer no special privileges but are a fun way of showing off your in game and discord activity.

We are a very open and welcoming community, with no secrets or small enclave of members making all the decisions. We also have a custom, specially tailored discord bot created and updated daily by our very own Orcinius, which makes in game integration so much easier. Indeed, it helps us do everything short of actually sending resources to each other - though I hear Orcinius is working on that Wink .

Finally, we offer a diverse array of the best game tips compiled by our members in a single channel, helping new and experienced members alike in everything from steel production, to tourism to min/maxing.

We recently combined all our commonwealth's discords into a single federation discord to better focus on community building. As such, the community may seem deceptively small at present time. However, in the past we have had upwards of 200 members join our commonwealth's multiple discord servers.

If you are interested and would like to know more about The Galactic Federation, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/a37BZUG
I look forward to having you join us in the future.

Note! The Galactic Federation and The First Future Federation are not mutually exclusive. Both federations allow joint membership.

RE: [W] [F] [?] - nunez499 - 04-19-2017

hey there,

I'm from the FFF and we are in contact with TGF, we let eachother know when we see people that are in both communities and discuss things that affect both Federations. Like Vyryn and ii said, you can check both of us out and choose one, or join both. There's nothing preventing you from doing that. We both offer active communities which provide help, entertainment and a place to give your game experience more dimension.



RE: [W] [F] [?] - neotheone - 04-20-2017

FFF matey! We are so fun, you would....wait....what was I thinking again?

We are just super fun mate.

RE: [W] [F] [?] - Bizzy Engr - 04-20-2017

Join FFF, all the cool people are doing it.