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My typing and spelling sucks . - xcalbier - 03-20-2017

I expect this post to be deleted as it is as off topic as it gets but befor i finly just stop this one time I will say something back to all the rude (( ok jerks ) whos only pleaser in life is to try and tear ohehrs down and for a second feal as if the are more then just the rude (( OK jerk 
          So my typing and spelling sucks I know this and its just something I cannot change heck been tring 40 years .
  Been a long time now from the last time I joined a posting community and activly posted close to 6 or 8 years .
    Some people think my social skills suck as well Funny thing is I am never rude and even when someone is I try my best to not be rude back . 
  To me taht shows good social skills ovesly so many who say there skills are so much better feal that being rude ( as long as its team ) is good social skills .
   Me i am a great mechanic  but when someone who may know less then I starts talking iI dont go putting them down and telling them they suck at it I just enjoy talking with a person who enjoys what they do being better or not does not matter when we are just talking .
      that is good social skills that is being polit someing 3 or 4 people here do suck at and yes I am saying your rude .
     you have NO right to try and tear anyone down your rights END were my rights begine so try accutly being so much better then me as you say you are . 
 Patch of who every delte this post i undersdtand but could you leave it for a day ?? 
   after this Im done  My input is unwanted and unneeded .
    I would go through and delete every post or reply i made but there is no easy way to do so and jus deleting my account would not work besides Ill still lurk most inof here is need and maybe patch would be kinda enough to help via privet messages

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - nunez499 - 03-20-2017

Hi Xcal, you are very right in your reaction. This is a place where everyone should respect eachother and not hurt eachother. Ive "known" you since the beginning and i don't want to see you quit because of others. Stay and keep posting your ideas. Eventhough I have to read them a couple of times, to fully understand what you're saying. Your ideas usually are good. The easy thing would be not to write at all but you do it, you don't let your difficulties​ prevent you from playing and participate in the community.

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - sravanpv007 - 03-20-2017

Hi, I believe "Great thoughts with poor communication is better than poor thoughts with great communication"

And trust me, you are not bad in communication, you find it difficult in English that's it!! - Leave others reactions - Let's Play, chat, discuss, share and enjoy!!

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - Patchdaddy - 03-20-2017

Definitely keep those ideas coming, Xcal! No one is forcing anyone else to read what you write. If they don't like to read what you write then that's their problem, not yours. Anyone has the right to disagree with an idea but should do so in a way that doesn't involve insults. For those that insist on being insulting, I'll be handing out warnings. Too many warnings and your posts will be moderated.

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - neotheone - 03-20-2017

Good Day Xcal,

I thank you for being a valuable part of My Colony and its community.

Some people are just rude and sadly, thats the way they will and always will be.

Do continue to participate and let us know of new ideas you come up with here!

Cheers buddy.

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - xcalbier - 03-20-2017

omg Thank you thank you so much every one your the reason i enjoy this site 
 at times i over react to changes in the game and jump the gun but even then I never ever meant to offend bast or any of the others i have come to respect here .and will quickly excuse my self for typing before thinking deleting the post which i should have waited to see .
 And wile its not looked on well to mention other sites on a site I just must say i havent found a group this good from when i was active at Simtropolis .
    Believe me when i say they never cared a hoot about my spelling were never rude just wanted me and others like me to do what every we could to help make a great game .
    So ill delete this post my self in a wile you have once again shown me there are still a few good people left .
 thing is i also am not one to go complain to the management every time someone crosses the line from criticism to just plane rude . That to me is just as bad .
   anyway thanks again and i have been tring harder to spell check ( not that it helps much ) 
  and as long as you guys are here ill be here from now on ill just rember its only a few rude people .
     ps thanks to patch most of all who helps so many people without thought of getting .I may be 51 but can still learn and why not from the best .

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - nunez499 - 03-20-2017

I've seen in some posts your spelling is perfect and in others it's less. I want to apologise to you. I have caught myself thinking what is x saying for the love of God haha. You are a good guy and I respect you. I want to formally invite you to hang out at the discord channel of the federation. No strings attached. Patch also drops by occasionally. https://discord.gg/qPqcU

Just to hang out and chat about the game whenever you want.

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - VaultDwellerIluq - 03-21-2017

The important thing is that you are able to share your ideas and feel welcome in the community. If people don't like the way you're communicating, that's on them. You are an asset to the community xcalbier, and you keep everyone else on their toes. I think that your posts are accessible to the many players who may choose not to officially join the forums, but still have similar questions and concerns. That matters a lot. Forums like this should be accessible to a host of gamers, not simply a few. Keep being you!

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - Patchdaddy - 03-21-2017

With xcalbier's permission, I have restored this thread. I think all the responses here should be read and everyone should remember that we're here to have fun and support our favorite Ape Apps creation.

RE: My typing and spelling sucks . - forcedminer - 03-21-2017

I do like the way you speak its unusual and interesting something which is rare on the internet. Smile