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Feedback in here - DevTester - 02-28-2017

Awesome concept and a lot of fun to play with. I tried playing it without any assistance.. and here is what happened overall:

Died, could see my body and my old loot.. ran for my body, something new got me! Died again! 

Something was at spawn, the screen went full seizure mode, and according to the stats screen I died 23 times due to a zombie at the spawn point.

Suggested corrections:
Spawn is a "no mob area" or you spawn with more than 1 life, the only way to keep playing at that point was to start a new game, I died another 20+ times each time I tried to move or hit the zombie at spawn. 

Heavy outline or something to draw out the look, a "glow" something.. they are lost in the background, and made it so I walked over loot without realizing it. 

Would love to help out with the development, please let me know if you are interested in some assistance!

RE: Feedback in here - Amorphus - 04-26-2017

YoIm having an issue where my character spawns on a level and i cant move them anywhere. There is also a bug where the game freezes when trying to use stairs to go down; in this instance, i have to restart and the level is regenerated once i get back into the game, which is pretty annoying.

Also, chests or crates that store items would be a nice addition.