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Recurring homelessness spike - Tigris Fold - 09-13-2017

I have a surplus of work, about 20% after my last expansion. I also have a surplus of housing, again around 20-25%. However I am experiencing a strange phenomenon as illustrated in the attached screen grab.

p.s for the dev team. The galactic trade center is janky with the trades sometimes, last night around 24:00 GMT +8 I received notifications in the mail box of two very large trades that had been completed upwards of 90000000000000 each for Pottery. When I went to redeem the game crashed... poof cashola and RIP resources.

Love the game over all, absolutely mad for it.

Hugs and Kisses

Tigris FoldĀ - Charter Code WEU0CHXZ

RE: Recurring homelessness spike - Patchdaddy - 09-13-2017

Please join us on the new forum and ask your questions there.