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Activated buildings don't working - Malobaddog - 07-15-2017

So today i have built 2 gold mint next to my other as well as a small research center. These are depleted in electricity, have max workers and are activated but don't work. There are at least one free side on each building and this is very frustrating.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my english wich is not very good.

Oh ye and also a totally unrelated question(i mean i guess so)what is the 1 tile area that lights a little bit when i tap a building?

RE: Activated buildings don't working - Flarebrass - 07-16-2017

For resource-conversion buildings, you need a certain resource to be able to produce the advertised product. In the case of Mints, you need Gold. How much Gold do you have? And if you're not yet at the technology level where you can build gold mines, I suggest you try to use Gold sparingly.

RE: Activated buildings don't working - Malobaddog - 07-16-2017

I have about 5k gold waiting to be minted, and sorry but what is sparingly my english isn't that good?

RE: Activated buildings don't working - IGoofOff@Work - 07-17-2017

He means to use the gold wisely and infrequently until you have a reliable source of it; basically, try not to waste any of it.  If the buildings have power and a supply of gold to mint, the last thing I would check is how happy the workers are.  Also, there has been a frequent issue of supplied and staffed buildings not producing and I am sure that someone is investigating it.

The highlighted area is to help you be sure that your colonists/vehicles will be able to access the building.


Okay, so the Capitol still produces civics without the bar but that doesn't explain the problems with aluminum generators, sheep farms, gold labs, antanium labs, bacteria farms, etc where the presence of workers has no effect of the ability to produce resources.