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OK GUYS CRISIS HERE - NoahsRebels - 06-19-2017

it's me again(the guy with the aluminum post) emergency here,so I just got Galactic Board of Trade,and right now I'm trying to get alien artifact,but I need alien artifact to get it,and the trades are WAY to high, right now I'm slowly losing uranium, the only way to get  uranium is by making aluminum, which I can't make because I need alien artifacts(I know I can import but I don't have to much money right now) basically I need to know if there's any way to get alien artifacts besides tradeing, I didn't get a lot of other Research tho because I'm trying to save my colony


RE: OK GUYS CRISIS HERE - nunez499 - 06-19-2017

Hi there, sorry to hear about your difficulties. The game is a challenge which is the good part. But it requires patience which is something many don't have.

Digsites give you alien artifacts, but you need a lot of them to get enough artifacts and you need research to get to the point you can build digsites and build the aluminum generators.

Your best option for aluminum on short term is to ask your Commonwealth leader. If you're with united Earth then declare Independence if you can and join a federation. Or sell buildings that have aluminum. Gbt is nice but you need lot of money and civics for it to be of help.

Our federation (see my signature) would help you with cheap trades.

Sorry this is last post - NoahsRebels - 06-19-2017

So this is one last note about the aluminum thing,I have I trade up on the market,it's 200,000k for 200 artifacts(yes I know it's bad)if anyone is a pro out there,id greatly appreciate it if you could do the offer(the name is haxs 9733,don't ask why)anyway,sorry for "spamming" forms if that bothered anyone,



Hi Noahs,

consider joining a Federation like the FFF. We do extremely cheap GBT trades all the day between our members. You can get Artifacts and everything else for nearly nothing, because we have millions of them.

It's just a chat without any responsibilities, so try it out! Click the picture in my signature.

Best regards,


RE: OK GUYS CRISIS HERE - Random_Terran - 06-19-2017

Noah, Can't find you in the GBT. Did you get the artifacts you needed? I have 'em to spare and I don't mind sharing.

RE: OK GUYS CRISIS HERE - Septagonal - 06-20-2017

Hi Noah, another FFF member here chiming in..
I would recommend turning off your nuclear power plant and using only solar towers. They take up a lot of space, but the extra uranium will help you later when building an ancient alien microchip factory.