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Sad Homeless AND jobless fools
Posted by: CannedSoup123 - 05-22-2017, 06:49 AM - Forum: Technical Support - Replies (3)

I have a colony on the app. While there are houses and jobs available, the colonists won't get a job by themselves, they won't get a home and wander around the whole time. Please help.

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  Sports teams and sports arena
Posted by: DolphinPride138 - 05-22-2017, 12:55 AM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (3)

To go along with Toddy's Small and Medium Stadiums, I wanted to suggest sports teams. This would allow you and others to "play" sports. If you "win the game", you gain money. If you lose, nothing happens. When you have a "game", a lot of your colonists and tourists go to the stadiums.

Also, I wanted to suggest a Sports Arena.

   150 jobs
   1250 tourists
   500 colonists

-25K steel
-25K ore
-20K water
-20K money
-15K gold
-5K rum
-5K plastic
-5K food
-2500 microchip

Please help me get this into the game. If we do, I will love you all! Thanks!

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  Built Self-Sufficient Blocs, Colonists Still Protesting/Dying
Posted by: terabix - 05-21-2017, 07:24 PM - Forum: Game Tips and FAQs - Replies (4)

My colony is now built into self-sufficient bloc structures where housing, workplace, entertainment, and healthcare are all located within the same bloc, or at least general regional area i.e. walking distance.

Despite this, colonists are still protesting/randomly dying in my colony. I check the protesting colonists stats. None of their commutes exceed 10. Why are they protesting? Why aren't their needs being met?

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  (In)Complete Beginner's Guide (WIP)
Posted by: Flarebrass - 05-21-2017, 06:28 PM - Forum: Game Tips and FAQs - Replies (1)

Quick note.  If anyone wants to set up a wiki and use this material so it can be updated by the community over time, feel free!  If parts of this are not appropriate or aren't accurate, then the moderators are free to edit any sections they see fit.  However, if this post needs to be removed or locked for any reason, I would appreciate a response (PM or otherwise) as to why; I would rather fix or even remove the offending area(s) than letting all of this go to waste.  I'll start referring to this topic throughout all of my posts whenever I see a player having any issue.

Disclaimer.  This guide was written during v0.35.  It may not be up-to-date if you're playing a newer version.


Is a building suddenly not working?  Are you out of a resource with no idea how to get more of it?  Do your colonists keep protesting and finding jobs and houses on opposite sides of the map?  Did a menu option disappear or are certain buildings missing from your selection menu?

The tutorial for My Colony doesn't yet exist.  Therefore, most players run into problems repeatedly with no idea what happened or how to fix them.  Often, since they aren't sure what to do, they assume it's a bug and will submit a bug report only to find out that it's usually user error.

I, along with many other players, ran into these same issues when I first started playing My Colony.  Since there is little documentation as of the writing of this guide, most of the answers to these problems are simply, "Either you know it or you don't."  Well, today you're in luck because I'll be explaining a bunch of game mechanics, features, tips, solutions, and more!

Read all the topic headers first, then find a few section(s) that seem interesting and dig in!

Game Objective

Let's get a few basics out of the way.  First and foremost, My Colony is a single player game that fits under the genres of incremental, simulator, city-builder, and strategy.  The only problems in this game are the ones you create yourself - there are no natural disasters, no enemies to fight, and extremely few elements of randomness.  This all means that you can do a bit of math, crunch some numbers, make a few changes, and leave your computer for a bit to find that your predictions will be very accurate over long periods of time.

You're free to do whatever you want in My Colony.  Use that freedom!  It's what draws all of us to play this awesome game.  But let me warn you that if you don't know the pros and cons of most actions you can take, you may find yourself having a lot of problems, then the frustrations of not knowing what's going on will halt your desire to pick this game back up.  Read through some sections of this guide, learn the basic mechanics of this game, then go have some fun!

First Playthrough

I know how annoying those "introductory" tutorials are which force me to build this, construct this, choose this option, scroll here, and by the time I'm done with everything, I'm more lost than where I started *cough*Elvenar, Clash Of Clans, Empire Four Kingdoms, Hackers*cough*.  Let's avoid that.

I also know how annoying some "advanced" in-game guides are where they take forever to get to the point, and by the time I've read through everything, I haven't gotten a single question answered.  Pfft, some "advanced" guide.  Let's not do that here, either.

So first, start playing Red Planet under the United Earth faction/NPC, and choose a map size somewhere in the middle.  Start by telling your rover to harvest resources, then build some more rovers, and eventually build some buildings.  Keep going until you start having some problems, then you're ready to read this guide.

Hit some problems?  Well, it's interesting to note that if you've only been playing for 4-5 hours or less, it's best to scrap that colony and start over using all the knowledge you've acquired.  But first, skim over a few sections of this guide to see if you have the right ideas.  Some players may want to create a second test colony; I think I had 6-7 before seriously attempting a "real" colony.  But lucky you!  This guide's here to explain lots of stuff about My Colony so that you don't have to keep testing everything from scratch.

If you've played for more than 4-5 hours, then you're a much better player than I am!  Skim through this guide, figure out the current problem plaguing your colony, and correct those mistakes.  You can always restart, but some players are so sensitive about progress that they refuse to restart even after such a short amount of time investment; if that's you, then definitely read through this guide in detail and don't just skim over it.  Regardless, I've purposely skipped over some details regarding the colony creation process, and if you did a certain something on one of those colony creation screens, restarting is inevitable; you can choose to restart now or risk having your colony randomly deleted when you take certain actions (unless it gets patched).  See the Planets And Races section for details.

Resource Types

Before explaining what some buildings do, it's best that you understand a bit about resource balancing. How much is too much? How little is too little? Can you skip some resources entirely? Can you specialize in certain resources? I'll answer those questions at the end of this section.


There are some unique resources, such as Colonists and Tourists, that serve specific functions. █

Building Types

Planets And Races

Browser/Computer Technical Stuff

I feel that this section belongs in a question-and-answer format to get the points across. Here's a quick summary to start.

Q. How do I update to the latest version? I'm playing on a browser/I downloaded it to my desktop.

A. Browser:
Chrome: █
Firefox: █
Other: █

Desktop: █

This is a Work In Progress. It probably won't be complete until next weekend, around May 27th. I'm posting it up so that I can finagle the BBC code and get everything looking pretty before developing the next section.

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  Multi-thread gaming
Posted by: Valstorm - 05-21-2017, 03:56 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (1)

I used Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (I'm using an Intel Core i7-6700HQ) and I noticed that only one core is active. What if My Colony's engine settings gave users the option to utilize as many cores as are available? Would it run faster? Because I guarantee you that most players here are at least using a dual-core CPU that runs over 1.5GHz (PC version), which should run My Colony pretty well. I'm not a game dev, but any thoughts?

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  bug with building bots and vehicle factories at same time
Posted by: pegster - 05-21-2017, 12:30 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (3)

I was making some bots and decided I needed more vehicle factories so I set those up to build then went back to making more bots.. ok, so then I noticed some factories were taking more time to build.. when I clicked on them it showed the same materials that would have been needed to build the bots.. so I thought maybe I would get the bot when the factory was done but no bot appeared..   I think the problem was because I used the builder menu at the bottom of the screen and it was letting me build bots in the uncompleted factories and it got confused..

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  Weird things after I signed into Google play games
Posted by: Neywiny - 05-21-2017, 05:59 AM - Forum: Technical Support - Replies (3)

So earlier today I signed into Google play on my phone, but the achievements weren't retroactively completing. As such I gave all my money on stimulus package so it could hit the achievements more naturally. Then just a bit ago I went to check on my gdp from the website for my colony, and it showed up as zero. When I tried to go to the website through the app it no longer shows up. Any ideas?

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Posted by: DouglassTanner - 05-21-2017, 04:25 AM - Forum: Game Tips and FAQs - Replies (4)

really like the game.
I do have an issue, maybe I am doing something wrong.
 I build 4 sites. Each requires 75 workers.  That’s 300 total. Between the 4 sites I place a large apartment. I then account for the large medical and two pubs and a distillery.
 The housing is at 183 people live here.
Only 26 of them work in the sites.  
The rest take jobs far, far away, then protest and destroy my buildings.

Is there some trick to micromanage where each of the creeps live and work?
I log in.
fire drill.
Pay them all 200 cash, then
fire drill again. And for a short while.
The protesting stops.
I tried walling them in like cattle.
It failed.
I gave then internet.
green domes of happy.
i upgraded past where I wanted to be.
to give them freaking medical buildings
and bars.
I give them $5 each for living cost.

I am at my wits end. I cant give them what they want, because i dont know what they want. Look at this creep.
creep has COMMUTE 2. HEALTH 80% HAPPY o.
BUT WAIT/ he had to pass TWO medical buildings to get here.
there are over 1,000 empty beds available.

so I murdered the piece of flumph out of anger.

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  CommonWealth of the BlargSquad
Posted by: ClownManBrah - 05-20-2017, 10:23 PM - Forum: Commonwealth Area - No Replies

Alright i have only just separated from earth i am still somewhat new at this game i dont have too much i can offer you or entice you to into joining but if we can all help each other out and i will try my best to help everyone with everthing and anything you guys need, Just send me a message and let me know what you need 
[Image: biggrin.png] [Image: cool.png] 
Charter code: SffgEUov

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  how to get technology
Posted by: microlost - 05-20-2017, 07:16 PM - Forum: Game Tips and FAQs - Replies (2)

How do i get the stuff to unlock new technology?

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