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  Understand Production
Posted by: Ivegottheblues - 06-24-2017, 09:14 PM - Forum: General My Colony Discussion - Replies (4)

Hi guys!!

I'm new of the game and I play on Android. 

Is there any way to understand the production rate per second of any resources building?

I was wondering for example (talking about food resources) if It's better to build some potato patches instead of building other food structures (no need of maintenance, no workers needed).

Thank You!

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  Sell buildings
Posted by: poumm - 06-24-2017, 11:31 AM - Forum: Game Tips and FAQs - Replies (1)

My account must be bugger! I have buildings impossible to sell! Of the blow to organize my cell city this complicated

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  Colonist have 0% Energy and standing around
Posted by: Distman - 06-24-2017, 09:14 AM - Forum: General My Colony Discussion - Replies (3)


I have a problem with my colony. There are a lot of colonists just standing somewhere around and do nothing. I found that they have 0% energy. The workload is set to light. There are parks, bars and other stuff. There are not full. Also the distance to work is for the most not to high. When I send them with a move command somewhere, most of the time they start to do something again. But soon new colonists start with standing around. It is also interesting, that most are standing in the same area on the same tile. I made a screenshot. What can I do to make them work normal, and not light or nothing, again?

Here a screenshot:    

I use the webversion 0.39 I think.

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  Tier 2 Gold Synth Lab
Posted by: terabix - 06-23-2017, 03:44 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - No Replies

Tier 2 gold synth lab: The advanced gold synthesis lab.

Costs the usual resources as well as diamonds to upgrade/construct.

Lore: uses diamond dust and regolith to achieve a catalyst allowing for ore to be processed into gold faster.

Produces WHY amounts of gold.

If @bastecklein requests I will commission art.

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  Tier 3 Steel Foundry
Posted by: terabix - 06-23-2017, 03:42 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - No Replies

Tier 3 steel foundry: The antanium alloy foundry.
Costs regular resources such as ore, steel, and additionally antanium to build.

Lore: uses a process that involves purifying antanium with regolith, then using the resultant melted-down metal to fortify large quantities of ore into a steel analogue. Also consumes helium 3 in cryogenic applications to rapidly cool the resultant product.

Produces OH GOD amounts of steel.

If @bastecklein requests I will commission art.

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  Convenience Store.
Posted by: terabix - 06-23-2017, 03:41 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (2)

A convenience store, 1 tile, 2 workers, converts 1 sugar, 1 water, 1 food, 1 rum into small sums of cash

purpose: to replace distilleries that have been rendered redundant by quantum distilleries for those of us who build in self-sufficient blocks

If @bastecklein requests I will commission art.

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  Remove the ability to Sell your Lander
Posted by: DolphinPride138 - 06-23-2017, 02:19 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (5)

I think there shouldn't be the option to Sell your "Lander". This is:

  1. So you can't start a colony and accidentally sell it and destroy your rover and be screwed
  2. So it will be there even when your planet's star engulfs it and kills all life and melts everything or when your star blows up ant your planet gets sucked into a black hole
Please give your opinions on this, help improve the idea. Thanks!

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  Trade revamp (GBT, import/export, QoL stuff)
Posted by: TBK-77 - 06-23-2017, 01:54 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (11)

I must preface this by saying that I am not completely sure how things are done right now, especially not with regards to the interplay between GBT orders and import/export buildings (and equivalent non-Earth buildings) on online mode, so a few of the things below might already be done this way.
I also realize this is a huge coding-related undertaking, but I believe the end benefits would indeed justify the effort, so even if it's not done any time soon, it should probably be a long term goal.

Basically, I have several "Quality of Living" (QoL) goals for my proposal, and that is to make the system:
- as exploit-proof as possible, given the circumstances
- much more forgiving for people making mistakes (typos, misclicks, etc)
- easy and convenient to use for everybody
- really reflect actual (recent and not so recent past) value of goods
- OPTIONALLY, make galactic map distances meaningful

Changing the way galactic trade orders work (and also the way they are displayed)

Actually placing sell or buy orders would basically remain the same, possibly with a tiny tweak:
- you set a per-100 value (I'd propose to change that to a per-unit value instead for simplicity reasons)
- you set an amount
- you check the civics cost, and then submit the order

Direct sell commands to existing buy orders and direct buy commands from existing sell orders process almost as before, BUT orders would process on a per-unit basis (or maybe in batches of 100) instead of as a lump sum; so, for instance, if you want to sell 100000 aluminum and set the order, it could be partially purchased by anywhere up to 1000 (or even 100000) different people as needed.

The bigger differences here would be that:

- SELL ORDERS do not process as a cash gift you need to click, but instead instantly when matched
- BUY ORDERS process instantly also; if you have the needed colony storage space, it gets placed there automatically, and the rest (if any) is stored temporarily in the GBT buildings, unloaded into colony stores periodically as space frees up
- the max amount of active placed orders (buy and sell combined) and max amounts allowed in placed buy orders would depend on the number of GBT buildings you have (remaining temporary storage capacity needs to cover requirements for all your buy order amounts)
- resources NO LONGER automatically disappear from your stores when you set up a sell order ($ however instantly vanishes when you set a buy order), but go away only when the order processes; the amount is however reserved and hidden from colony totals, both as available and as max storage (with a tiny indicator as to that being the case, maybe just an asterisk near the totals in the bar) - alternatively, a separate "for sale" GBT storage space could be used instead (similar to "reserved for buy order amounts" space in GBT buildings)

- orders are displayed as two separate scrollable tables (one for buy, one for sell) rather than a group of large regtangles of mixed orders, SORTED BY BEST PRICE
- direct buy/sell commands always process to "most favourable order first", you don't get to pick a specific order you want to interact with
- OPTIONALLY, sell orders could have an upwards adjusted unit price based on galactic map distance to potential buyer (not linear - some range gets no penalty at all, and the penalty maxes out after a certain large distance; penalty could be either amount or percent, or a combination thereof, to be determined later)
- whenever you want to issue a direct buy or sell command for a commodity, you only need to specify either a total amount or a total sum (total price or total amount gets calculated and displayed automatically - out of whatever else you input - based on available orders)
- you get to see all your orders highlighted, or even listed in a separate special tab

- you could CANCEL your orders at any time, for a small penalty (say 5% of civics, rounded up to nearest multiple of 10 or 100 - rest are refunded)

- you could ADJUST your orders at any time (add/remove units sold/bought, price changes up or down) with a small cooldown (say 2-5 minutes) and associated costs (resources, cash, or civics, plus a civics penalty on the difference similar to that for canceling an order) for each individual order (and/or a smaller global cooldown); cooldown could be affected by number of trade buildings to some degree (with diminishing returns, should not ever go under 30 seconds, and even 1 minute should be hard); cooldown could even affect placing a brand new order

- galactic average prices get automatically calculated on a periodic basis (say, once per hour) as a weighted average (preferable geometric average, but regular arithmetic average works fine too) based on trades conducted during that interval (i.e. the last hour, if it gets calculated once per hour) taking into account volume and price (price before the galactic distance adjustment, if that option is used), but also taking into account the previously traded things (both previous galactic average price and a weighting factor for recent accumulated volume, adjusted to 0.99*previous interval accumulated volume so it loses most of its previous influence in about a week for an hourly calculation)
- OPTIONALLY, import/export (pre-tax) commands processed also count as trades for calculating the galactic average
- all buy orders default per-unit (or per-100-batch) price gets set to a small percentage over galactic average (*1.01->*1.05, somewhere around there)
- all sell orders default per-unit (or per-100-batch) price gets set to a small percentage under galactic average (*0.99->*0.95, somewhere around there)
- direct import/export base values get reset to the galactic average whenever the galactic average is calculated, and either fluctuate from that amount, or remain fixed to that value until a new one is calculated (especially if imports/exports they are used in the galactic average calculation)

Overall, this should satisfy most of the goals mentioned early on, while also having at least the semblance of realism.

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  Drag and delete/build.
Posted by: Punchwood911 - 06-23-2017, 12:40 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (2)

Please make a drag and delete function where you click on two points and everything inside it is deleted.it would really help people doin mass deletions to their colony's.

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  Discussion: GDP calculation, GBT values, several other pet peeves
Posted by: TBK-77 - 06-23-2017, 11:13 AM - Forum: General My Colony Discussion - Replies (6)

Hello guys, gals, and gentlebugs!
Medium-time lurker, first time poster here, hailing from a nearly "100 bil GDP" colony Wink

Not that I don't somewhat like having a fairly large displayed GDP (and quickly increasing too, to boot), but it somewhat bothers me that it's not a really good indication of actual GDP or anything else for that matter.

For starters, it's not actually GDP, it's instead just networth (and it simply seems to be the sum of system-assigned values of stockpiled resources). 
While that would be a nice thing to have to see too, that's also not much use, since the vast majority of that networth (*ahem* "GDP") seems to come from one single stockpiled resource, namely regolith.

Right now, I'm at almost 70 mil stockpiled regolith (and a resources breakdown of +155k from massed "Regolith Extraction Inc." -62k from regolith compactors and some negligible amount minus from helium 3 extractors meaning it goes up fast), and its system estimated value is nearly $85 bil.
This is insanely high, even higher than the already seemingly overinflated GBT valuation for regolith.
I mean, just compare it to the valuation of Helium3 or Ore (the only things regolith is really good for other than dark pavement).
And don't get me started on the display mode for GBT orders, talk about hard to navigate and compare whenever there are more than a handful of them (but that's a story for another time).

This means less than 15% of my "GDP" comes from all the other resources I have (which frankly matter a lot more than the regolith), and basically none (or a negligible part thereof, if any) comes from my fairly large production base, making this displayed "GDP" a fair indicator of just about nothing of relevance.

So what could we possibly do about it, if anything?
Or, better said, should anything be done about it?


Personally, I see the issue as a multitude of smaller issues, and this is how I things should be done to be "proper".

1. No matter what else is done with anything else, independent of anything else, the system valuation of resources is off, and does not reflect actual resource value. 
2. A more accurate resource value would also be useful for GBT orders and/or GI/elevator pricing. And by the way, is GI/elevator value even the same for everybody on online mode, or does everybody else have a different value?
3. The current value that is called "GDP" should be renamed to "networth", as it would more accurately describe what it is.
4. It would be nice if "networth" also included material costs for the constructions you do have in your colony.
5. A new actual "GDP" value should exist, and it should be calculated for actual production values - as in, value of resources actually produced by the colony (minus resources used by building operation, but NOT minus resources used in building construction).

On the other hand, I realize it's a game about space colonies and space bugs, so realism is not exactly a prized commodity, so maybe I'm just getting worked up over nothing of importance Big Grin

What say you?

P.S. This is me, by the way:

(disclaimer: I'm fairly apolitical, name was a play on words based on commonwealth leader, and I chose him simply because he was the only one I could see that offered a 125% payroll assistance)

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