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Posted by: Hoffbr3 - 03-28-2017, 07:31 PM - Forum: My Business Empire - No Replies

please fix the math on this game!! It would be brilliant if it had correct math!!

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  Idea for Advanced Nuclear Physics
Posted by: Blue β - 03-28-2017, 06:05 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (5)

Hi there, I'm new to the forum, but I've been playing since December of last year.  When I was working  on Advanced Nuclear Physics, something occurred to me. The uranium mined is simply stuck into the reactor, which somehow refines it into usable fuel. This makes no sense to me, so I have a proposal: make a Uranium Centrifuging Facility. It would of course be cheaper in construction and maintenance than the Enrichment Facility, just requiring a larger amount of energy. I'm thinking it would be a 2x3 structure, employing 8 workers, either blue collar or scientist. Tell me what you think!

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  Post office for earlier game communication...
Posted by: s.iker - 03-28-2017, 05:47 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (4)

So with the new feature of being able to send your commons wealth messages... it seems as they cant reply until they get the consulate... Which even before the messaging, you could send an sos of a request to get items... 

so i was thinking of having a post office that you can get right away in the game to be able to message your commons wealth leader to get the help you need before building the consulate.. if needed...

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  My Colony Council
Posted by: OttoA - 03-28-2017, 02:06 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (2)

Hi! I have an idea for the colonies, someone peoples makes counsel with more commonwealths, but I think it would be cooler if they were implemented in the game with pretty much the same dynamics as the colonies. I think this will encourage a healthy "competition". Example:

Colonies> Commonwealths> Counsel

Everyone in the Commonwealth needs to pay a tax to the council account, and all this tax will be shared for everyone, who are a part of it. Because I did not have an easier way of communicating the republics, I believe it would be legal. But to not affect the trading business, across the galaxy, the creation of this board should have a great difficulty to have, or get into one.


*Any Counsel have a maximum of vacancies for this. (Im suggest 3 or 4 So as not to hamper smaller communities.)

*To change the tax amount, most or all commonwealth would need to agree, and this confirmation would come in the form of a letter. Just like when you join a new member in your community

Guys, I Know so many things need to be fixed. Give your suggestion bellow! 
(If you did not understand the proposal, also post below)

(I'm sorry for any word hostile typed.)

I'm sorry for any typing error. I'm brazilian! 
Thanks for your time! Big Grin

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  Gift transactions no longer coming through to sub-colonies
Posted by: gioluxe - 03-28-2017, 05:48 AM - Forum: Bug Reports and Technical Support - Replies (2)

So I've noticed that the delays between colony transfers are getting longer and longer as time goes on (probably the new limits and amounts that can be transferred per transaction), I'm curious is there a way to manually trigger a "Gift Retrieval" similar to requesting an update from an SMTP server?

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Bug minor graphical issue. small solar panels deactivated
Posted by: forcedminer - 03-27-2017, 06:22 PM - Forum: Bug Reports and Technical Support - No Replies

small solar panels when disabled don't do that slightly transparent effect.

playing on chrome. v0.30.0

check the image below. i have both the high density solar panels and small onces disabled but as you can see the small ones are still fully transparent.
[Image: 45JRXiP.png]

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  Sorry about the Hiatus
Posted by: apocolypse101 - 03-27-2017, 04:08 PM - Forum: General My Colony Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey Everyone!  Sorry about the hiatus, I had college finals and papers to attend to.  I should be online significantly more often now, since the quarter is finally over and it's SPRING BREAK!  Thanks for sticking with me and keep being awesome!

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  Recovering from Disasters
Posted by: ii Interstellar Intelligence - 03-27-2017, 04:08 PM - Forum: Game Tips and FAQs - Replies (4)

Oh no! Half of my colonists are dead and the other half are sick, and I'm out of water and food. I give up. 


I've been hearing a lot about disasters in My Colony and wanted to try to give some advice on mitigating the loss and in the worst cases recovering from disaster.

Preventative: If you notice your food and water start to drop rapidly, check your statistics to see what % of your colonists are working. If it is a low percentage, check their happiness. If the happiness is low (which results in low numbers at work), make sure you have enough amenities for entertainment for your colonists. To imemdiately fix the problem (if you can afford it), use the consulate/capitol and give a $300 stimulus package. This will set the happiness to 100% and quickly get people back to work before a true disaster strikes.

Oh no, the disaster has struck, you have lost half or 3/4 of your population and you are completely out of food and water, maybe even power! Don't panic and shut off the game. Here's the path to recovery.

1) Deactivate everything except housing, population regeneration (cloning facility or launchpads), and your food and water producing buildings.
2) Make sure you have enough hospitals if people are sick, you do not need enough hospitals for an open bed for each person, just have some. It will take a while for people to heal, they don't go to the hospital frequently or quickly.
3) Purchase some smaller quantity of food and water. If you get too much you will get too confident and it will happen again. Get enough so that your people can get back to work and start getting healthy, supplement your production as needed with purchases.
4) Use the preventative measures above and check happiness and currently working %. Fix/adjust as needed.
5) Get ready for the comeback. Colonists should be entering your colony, let your population, food and water build up. Once it is built up and stable, slowly reactivate types of buildings. Make sure when you activate something that uses food or water, that it doesn't consume more than your produce. Adjust your production as needed.

From my experience, happiness leads to failing colonies quite frequently. If you lose power, make sure you adjust for the next time.

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  Join Empire of Pandora
Posted by: Bizzy Engr - 03-27-2017, 02:04 PM - Forum: Commonwealth Area - No Replies

Welcome to Pandora (inspired from Badlands Game)
If you want to have fun without constant pressure to have to play everyday.  Join us.  I will send out a nice starting package with funds to keep any operation going at the start and will regularly give resources when asked for.  Enjoy the game.

Commonwealth Name: Pandora-Slag-City
Code: 97Q98EwX

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  Ape Apps Spring 2017 New Releases
Posted by: bastecklein - 03-27-2017, 02:03 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Just posted an article on the new upcoming games I am working on for this spring.  Contains first screenshot of upcoming Antiquitas game.


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