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Thumbs Up Translating Project (Fans from Indonesia Here)
Posted by: rejalmaghrum - 01-04-2017, 03:16 PM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (1)

Hello everybody.

Pardon me, let me introduce myself. My name is Zein, and i'm starting to play this game at January 1st.
I'm from Indonesia, so if there are many grammatical mistake, let me say i'm sorry from now.

The first time i played this game, i fell in love already, so i paid the game on the first day.
I have a lot of friends that i know would love this game, but not many of them understand english (some of them just know the basic word like mister, yes, no, hot, kiss, sex (this one, who doesn't), etc. that doesnt really count as "understand").

I would gladly ask them to play this awesome game, as one way from others to distributing my charter code after i became independant (probably day after tomorrow because i re-founded my colony a few time to make it better), but it would be sad for some of them that can't understand english because they wouldn't enjoy the game like me or some of my friends.

I've checked the suggestion list and there is no idea or suggestion about this yet.
So, here we go for the idea, what if, there are language option so any other country that doesn't use english as their first language can play and enjoy this great game as well.

I will be glad and honored if asked to join the translation project (if this idea got accepted) for translating english to indonesian language, and i'm almost sure that many of my colony players from around the world would join to translating to their country's language so we players/fans of this game could spread the game wider and easier for our local community, family and friends.

that's all for now.

greetings from Indonesia,


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Bug Android app bug when connecting to Facebook (Marshmallow OS)
Posted by: Groveer - 01-04-2017, 02:47 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

I was attempting to load my save of the game on my phone but when I selected the colony to load it would get stuck on "Syncing data". I tried restarting the app and my phone. Ultimately disconnecting (logging out of) Facebook from the game was the effective fix.

Not sure if this is happening with other OS's or Platforms.

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  [Solved] Save file corrupted
Posted by: nunez499 - 01-04-2017, 11:47 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (7)

When trying to load 2 of my colonies (my main colony and a sub) i get the message save file corrupted.

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  App Suggestion: Custom Notifications
Posted by: Randium - 01-04-2017, 10:49 AM - Forum: Other Apps - Replies (4)

Can I leave a suggestion for an app here...?

I know you're mainly concentrating on your game called My Colony, but I'd love to see a small app that allows you to "create" custom notifications.
I need some stuff to keep me motivated when I'm working, but I can't find an app like that in the Play Store.

It doesn't have to be that big, just that you could set a time and date (or let it happen periodically), and then it'll give you a notification with the text that you put in yourself.

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  Skipped some research
Posted by: Dorunegru - 01-04-2017, 09:38 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

I don't know how this happened, but after I researched colonial civics, research jumped to advanced nuclear physics, bypassing chemistry, microbiology, clay, masonrymasonry and zoology. I updated to the latest version (0.21.3) but the start screen still shows 0.21.0 so I don't know for sure which one I have.
Any ideas?

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  [Solved] Bots stuck
Posted by: SaJ - 01-04-2017, 08:55 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (3)

All of my rovers, ore miners and clay miners have stopped harvesting. There are mines, the paths are clear, if I ask them to move they will, but if I click 'harvest' they just go back to one spot and don't move. This also happens with newly built miners/rovers. 

Any ideas? This has been going on for quite a while now and I'll start running out of clay eventually- the ore not too bad as I have ore fracking facilities.

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  Labor Board
Posted by: oFade2Black - 01-04-2017, 08:38 AM - Forum: Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback - Replies (1)

It would be nice to have labor control. Especially when you are short workers. A simple % control that would help keep main industry fully staffed while cutting back other non-essential industry. 

List it out by resource. For example water 100% f/clay 25% ect.

This way food, water, med can be set priority

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Rainbow TOTT (defunct)
Posted by: Vyryn - 01-04-2017, 06:04 AM - Forum: Commonwealth Area - Replies (75)

Important: TOTT has been deleted due to a bug. I have decided to start a new commonwealth, SOC, and will post a link to the new forum thread shortly. The SOC charter code is DOOb6Emc.
The SOC forum thread can be found here.

Hello fellow space pioneers,
I am the founder of The One True Terra (TOTT), the very first commonwealth of 2017 and the catalyst for the commonwealth forum section.
I am an active player and want to help new players on the road to independence.
TOTT's RRR as of January 26th, 2017 is 63, making us the largest player owned commonwealth by a significant margin.
If you are interested in starting a colony in such a way that will help ensure you grow your economy quickly, join TOTT! Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a new colony with the charter code qIadWbIB
  • Read this post
  • Join our Discord Server - TOTT is the only commonwealth with an active discord community.
  • Post your Colony website in the #registration channel in order to have your Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ sent to your colony. If you do not want to use discord for some reason, you can post your colony website as a reply to this thread instead. Discord does have significant benifits, though.
  • Grow your economy
  • Log into My Colony at least once per month and steadily increase your number of colonists
  • Have Fun  Smile  
Discord requires no download or registration. I have made the decision to move requests to discord to ensure requests can be filled as quickly as possible. Additionally, this decision increases accessibility since discord does not require registration, while posting a reply on the forums does.

Idea  If you wish to set out on your own, TOTT will assist you in ensuring that when you become independent you will have all the tools in your arsenal to grow for many years to come, perhaps one day founding a new colony that is every bit as great as TOTT. Rest assured that I am not one of those commonwealths who just want your taxes and will hinder your path to greatness.

Rating this thread with five stars takes only a moment but can help other players know that TOTT is the place to be.

Idea What is a Quick Growth Goodie Pack™?

A Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ is a series of gifts every member of TOTT can receive that will help them quickly expand their economy into a galactic superpower, while keeping their colonist happy and ensuring that they learn the skills required to continue their success after independence.
Every TOTT member will receive their Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ if they post their colony website in #registration on Discord.

Your first Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ installment requires 3 population and will include the following resources, subject to change since the game is still in heavy development:
  • Enough Ore, Iron and Gold to start you off with 4 Landing Pads, 2 Advanced Ore Refineries, 6 small pumps, 4 Solar Towers, 3 Small Research Labs, 3 Residential Complexes, 2 Advanced Hydroponics Centers, and your first Gold Refinery:
          34,470 Ore
          7,760 Steel
          4,705 Gold
  • 10,000 Money so that you can put your best leg forward and initially focus on your economy instead of taxes
Note that even if you do not have sufficient storage capacity, you will still receive the resources. However, your production will stop until the resources are below your capacity again.
The One True Terra Commonwealth hopes that the first stage of your Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ will save you a few hours of initial work, skip the "steel grind" (Which can be the main put-off for new players) and set you on the path to Independence. If you instead wish to remain a part of TOTT, we will be happy to have you and may be able to provide extended support when you encounter "The Aluminum Problem", which is like the steel grind but occurs much later on in the game, however you should not feel any obligation to stay if you do not wish to.

You second Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ installment will be delivered upon request in this thread. It requires 800 population and will include the following resources, subject to change since the game is still in heavy development:
  • 5000 Wood
  • 850 Aluminum
  • 14,000 Microchips
The purpose of the second installment of your Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ is to finance all the expensive parts of your Galactic Board of Trade, with plenty left over. This very important building will allow you to buy and sell items with other players, which is one of the most important steps towards complete self-sufficiency.
f you have any questions about the game or have specific requests because you made a mistake or are just confused, feel free to post here asking for help.
Thank you for helping make The One True Terra something special and best of luck on your colony!

*Quick Growth Goodie Pack™ is a trademark of The One True Terra Commonwealth and may not be copied and used by other commonwealths without permission. I encourage other commonwealths to develop their own unique reward systems, innovating for the benefit of all.

This section will promote the most successful colonial members of The One True Terra and their growth. Successful colonial members may sometimes receive additional spontaneous gifts, especially if they were growing quickly but then slowed their progress down.
Full list can be found here. Specialists are colonies who could have declared independence but choose to stay and support TOTT. They are proof of our wonderful community!

  1. RiverWorld                                         18295     (General Specialist)
  2. Mother Russia - Population                  15753     (General Specialist)
  3. The Third Reich - Population                15504      Progressing
  4. Djedu - Population                              14240     (General Specialist)
  5. Eran - Population                                12713     Progressing Rapidly
  6. Rosea - Population                              12040     Progressing
  7. ThatLegalSmoker - Population                9992     Progressing Very Rapidly
  8. dnertier - Population                             8204     (General Specialist)
  9. Deneb - Population                               8026     (General Specialist)
  10. Martian Supply Factory - Population        7803     Progressing
  11. Panama- - Population                            7514     Progressing Rapidly
  12. Terra Nova - Population                        7000     (Storage Specialist)
  13. Martian Oceania - Population                 6466     Progressing Slowly
  14. Munnin - Population                              6188     Progressing Slowly
  15. Rylai - Population                                 4302      Progressing Rapidly

Best of luck to all members of The One True Terra, one day soon you can be on this list!

This section is a thank you to the people who have chosen to give back to the commonwealth. Due to space limitations, Food, Water, Pottery, Rum and Oil will not be listed here. I encourage you to sell surplace food and water on the mass driver.
  1. Djedu -  12m ore, 5m steel, 5m gold, 5k Regolith, 260k bricks, 360k microchip, 140k wood, 300k clay, 20k wool
    1. Amida - 2m regolith, 20k helium3
  2. The Third Reich - 2m ore, 2m gold, 500k microchip, 12k aluminum, 500 artefact, 1600 uranium
  3. Deneb - 10.2m ore, 4m steel, 1k wood, 1m microchip
    1. M.L.A.C Project - 14k He3, 100k regolith, 20k gold
  4. Mother Russia - 1m gold, 100k bricks, 20k wool, 3m steel, 3m ore
  5. Martian Supply Factory - 5m ore, 2m steel
    1. Martian Oceania - 100k ore
  6. Primusville - 100k ore, 40k Steel, 2k microchip, 2.5k aluminum, 2.5k uranium
  7. Rosea - 100k gold, 1m steel, 5k uranium
  8. Riverworld - 700k ore, 2m steel, 200 uranium
  9. Eran - 450k steel, 2m ore, 200k gold, 20k wood, 30k clay
  10. ThatLegalSmoker - 500k ore
  11. ExodusEnigma - 300k ore
  12. Delta-M-Project - 500k steel, 50k ore
  13. dnertier - 1.6m steel, 57k helium 3
  14. Munnin - 58k helium 3
  15. Chicago Prime - 30k ore, 20k gold, 20k steel

This section is to congratulate those who have declared independence from the nurturing environment of TOTT. If I have missed anyone here, apologies since I do not receive a notification when you declare independence. Please let me know with a link to your colony website and you will be added.
  1. Stovner
  2. Muunilinst
  3. Athena

This post has been added to the OP for maximum visibility. It marks the end of TOTT and the founding of a new commonwealth, SOC, that will rise again stronger than ever before.
(02-01-2017, 04:18 AM)Vyryn Wrote: Two days ago, my browser window with the game loaded crashed and when I loaded the game back up, the game suspended my colony and deleted TOTT because it thought I had cheated.
I have since converted my commonwealth into the new commonwealth SOC, after the Standard Oil Company.
The Standard Oil Company was the largest oil refiner in the world while it existed, and was eventually ruled to be an illegal monopoly by the United States Supreme Court and dissolved in 1911. The smaller companies that it split off into eventually made much more profit that it could have on it's own, and several of them are among the wealthiest corporations today.
The story of TOTT draws some similar parallels; the largest commonwealth in the game, incorrectly determined to be illegal and will rise again, stronger than ever before!
This is a call to all former members of TOTT. Join SOC today to fast track your independence.
SOC continues to have most of the resources of TOTT, and while it is not yet a large commonwealth, I feel confident that it can soon become the best commonwealth in My Colony history - better even than TOTT, which will live on in our memories.
The SOC charter code is DOOb6Emc. All former TOTT members will receive a significant bonus if they choose to start a new colony under SOC. I will create a new post in this forum section shortly for SOC, which will function similarly to TOTT. To avoid confusion in the future, I have renamed this thread to TOTT(defunct) and request that it be locked.
I also take this time to urge basteklein to make adding the functionality for independent nations to voluntarily join existing commonwealths a priority. Thank you all.

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Information Players of Lel World.
Posted by: Vohra - 01-04-2017, 05:00 AM - Forum: Commonwealth Area - Replies (9)

The players, who are a charter of Lel World can discuss their problems and needs here until the mailing system arrives. 
You can tell me if you need any cheap trades or anything else.
The players who are inactive for more than a week and has less than 50 colonists will be kicked. 
I will introduce some starting help (in the form of gifts) to help the players, both new and old, depending on the size of their population. 
I hope you all join the forums and contact me! Smile

Okay so, here is the list of 'bundles' i will be offering the players of Lel World. The amount of resources which have a storage limit will be low for the new players.

Bundle 1:- Starter:- (colonists >=2  && colonists  <=50)

Water:- 1000

Bundle 2- Intermediate :- (colonists >=51 && colonists  <=100) 

Money:- 300000
Water:- 10000
Steel :- 5000
Gold :- 5000

Bundle 3- Pro :- (colonists >=101 && colonists  <=1000) 

Money:- 500000
Water:- 500000
Steel :- 50000
Gold :- 50000
Aluminum :- 5000
Uranium:- 5000

Note: You need to post a forum request in order to obtain the bundles because it will take a lot of time to build a consulate and ask for aids in-game. 

You can view Complete information about Lel World here  [url= https://www.my-colony.com/colonies/m4Lry0xihttps://www.my-colony.com/colonies/m4Lry0xi/[/url]

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Posted by: Conndraka - 01-03-2017, 11:14 PM - Forum: General My Colony Discussion - Replies (2)

<start discussion> Anyone else notice that clinic workers are not botanist, unskilled, Blue collar or politicians?

<start suggestion lol>Do we need another category for professionals?

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