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@Brui Usually, when your click your Commonwealth Capital (Often your main Colony) you will see all Colonies which are part of your Commonwealth. They are indicated with Yellow lines, connecting them with your Commonwealth Capital.
@Redsamuri: I would say, Check Statistics and go to the Rescources Section. Then check your Aluminium and you will see the amount of Inflow/Outflow. There you can also see from what you earn your Inflow of Aluminium, and what is using Aluminium/ Creating an Outflow of Aluminium. I Hope this helps!
@BestColony11: Maybe if you already purchased Premium and activated it? I Don't recall the request for .AMK File activation since i purchased Premium.
The other one is that you do not have the Rescources. I also could not find the Megabot once it's Tech was rescearched. But when i imported some Aluminium, a rescource needed for Megabot Construction, it did appear in my Small Vehicle Factory. You can import/export rescources in the Black Market Bazaar. I hope this helps.
@Llama This can be the cause of tho things, as far as i know. One is that you did not rescearch all necesary Technologies.
I have done everything that is required to get the Megabot but I still cant build it (its not in my vechile factory)
@Redsamuri Do you have a sweetener factory?
why Windows Store version dosent ask for .amk file when i remove ads.
hi i just registered
I have Aluminum Genearator but still some thing in the game is draining my Aluminum. What's going on I don't have urainium. Enrichment. Going
@Brui There are certain technologies you have to unlock, forgot which, to unlock the capitols. And you need to Capitol to be able to send gifts to other colonies in your Commonwealth
how do i send gifts wuthout consulate or capitol? And how do I construct them if i am already independent and want to help the colonies under my charter?
nah it's not because of the map, it freezes at the very first loading screen
I need character code so i can combine with my diplomacy
how do i see the world under my charter in the new android version?
Loads for me, maybe try a different map sometimes they get corrupted.
anyone having the same issue?
the browser version isn't loading
You can't import when the power is off...
Import Water? I'm not sure if you can import stuff on Zolarg Maps, but with Importing i stopped my Regolith Production from coming to an absolute halt AKA need to restart.